Courting the Tiger (Two-Man; Flank- Left and Right Shoulder Grabs)
1. An attacker at 9 o'clock grabs your left shoulder with their right arm as an attacker at 3 o'clock grabs your right shoulder with their left arm.

2. Step your right foot behind your left into a twist stance as you counter grab the wrist of the attacker at 3 o'clock (attacker #1) and execute a left elbow strike to the ribs of the attacker at your left flank (attacker #2).

3. Execute a right knife-edge to the outside of attacker #1's left knee, buckling them and turning them away.

4. Land with your right foot in front of your left into a twist stance. Without hesitation, execute a left knee strike to the back of attacker #2's right knee, lifting it into the air and placing all their weight on their left leg.

5. From the cocked position, execute a left knife-edge kick to the inside of attacker #2's left leg, dropping them to the ground.

6. Land with your left foot behind your right into a twist stance as you execute a right outward backfist to attacker #1's head. (Your left hand should be checking for a possible retaliation by attacker #2.)

7. From the twist stance, execute a chicken kick as your left foot executes a front kick to attacker #2's ribs and your right front kick hits your attacker in the chest.

8. As you land forward into a right neutral bow facing 9 o'clock, execute a right stiff-arm rising back knuckle to the face of attacker #2.

9. Execute a right rear kick to attacker #1's face, ideally under the chin, in a grafted thrusting/lifting method of execution.

10. Land in a right front crossover and cross out to 6 o'clock.