Clipping the Storm (Front- Right Step-Through Thrusting Club)
1. An attacker from 12 o'clock comes at you with a right step-through thrusting club.

2. From a left neutral bow, step your left foot to 11 o'clock as you execute a left inward handsword to the outside of your attacker's right forearm. (Your right hand should be cocked at your right ear.)

3. Shift into a left neutral bow as you execute a right inward handsword strike to the outside of your attacker's right wrist. (Your left hand now cocks at your right ear.)

4. Step your right foot into a right cat stance as you execute a thrusting left outward hand sword to your attacker's throat. (Your right hand will slide down your attacker's right arm to check the top of their arm.)

5. Step behind your attacker's right leg with your right leg as you execute a right palm strike to your attacker's chin. (Your left hand will check at your attacker's upper right arm.)

6. Cross out to 7:30.