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    Checking the Storm (Front- Right Step-Through Overhead Club)
    1. An attacker from 12 o'clock comes at you with an overhead club swing.

    2. Step your right foot to 3 o'clock as you execute a right inward parry. Pull your left foot to your right into a cat stance as you execute a left extended outward open hand block to check against any possible roundhouse club return strike.

    3. Immediately execute a left front snap kick to your attacker's groin. Land towards 10 o'clock into a twist stance so your right foot is aligned for the next kick.

    4. Execute a right step-through knife edge kick to the inside of your attacker's right knee. (This should take them down.)

    5. Plant your right foot to 10 o'clock in a right neutral bow as you execute a right horizontal backfist to your attacker's face.
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