Broken Ram (Front- Tackle; Arms Wide)
1. An attacker at 12 o'clock comes at you to tackle with their arms spread wide.

2. From a right neutral bow facing 12 o'clock, step your left foot to 3 o'clock as you execute a right downward parry to your attacker's left arm simultaneous with a left downward parry to your attacker's right arm. Continue the motion of your right arm and as you settle into a right neutral bow facing 9 o'clock, execute a right inward overhead hammerfist to the back of your attacker's neck. (Left hand should be checking against your attacker's right.)

3. With your attacker's left arm trying to grab your waist, pivot into a right reverse bow as you loop your right arm under your attacker's left arm and execute a left uppercut to 4:30. (With your body as the fulcrum, this should cause a break.)

4. Execute a right rear scoop kick to your attacker's groin.

5. As you plant your foot back to to 10:30, aim to buckle out your attacker's left knee. As you do this, loop your hand counterclockwise and over your attacker's left arm to execute a right outward downward hammerfist to your attacker's left jaw.

6. Cross out to 4:30.