Blinding Sacrifice (Front- Two-Hand Shoulder Grab)
1. An attacker at 12 o'clock directly grabs your shoulders with both hands.

2. Step your right foot to 12 o'clock into a right neutral bow while thrusting your forearms forward to wedge inside your attacker's arms. Continue with the movement to execute two upward rolling claws to your attacker's eyes (your right hand moving clockwise and left counterclockwise.)

3. Continue the circular motion, converting your claws into handswords to the inside of your attacker's arms (in order to clear the arms away.)

4. Push drag forward as both of your hands execute underhand claws to your attacker's groin and squeeze.

5. Push drag back as you execute two hooking backfists to the back of your attacker's kidneys. This push drag should put you into a right cat stance.

6. Push drag forward as the fingers of both your hands flick to your attacker's eyes and unfold into twin thumb strike to your attacker's eyes.

7. Have both your hand slap down on your attacker's shoulders, frictionally pulling your attacker down to control their height zones.

8. Without hesitation, circle your arms up, over, and in to execute two inverted backfists to your attacker's temples.

9. Collapse your raised elbows in to each other so as to sandwich your attacker's jaw hinge.

10. Grab the back of your attacker's head with your hands and push his head down into a right knee strike to the face.

11. Execute a right stomp to your attacker's instep.

12. Cross out to 7:30.