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Thread: Boggles the mind....

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    Default Boggles the mind....

    Transcript of Conversation with Bank of America

    Bank of America, can I help you?

    Customer : Yes, I want to cancel my account. I don't want to do
    business with you any longer.

    The Bank: Why?

    Customer : You're giving credit to illegal immigrants and I don't
    think it's right. I'm taking my business elsewhere.

    The Bank: Well, Mr. Customer, we don't want to see you do that, but we
    can't stop you. I'll help you close the account. What is your account

    Customer : (gives account number)

    The Bank: For security purposes and for your protection, can you
    please give me the last four digits of your social security number?

    Customer : No?

    The Bank: Mr. Customer, I need to verify your information, but in
    order to help you, I'll need verification of who you are.

    Customer : Why should I give you my social security number? The reason
    I'm closing my account is that your bank is issuing credit cards to
    illegal immigrants who don't have social security numbers. You are
    targeting that audience and want their business. Let's say I'm an
    illegal immigrant and you've given me a credit card. I have a question
    about it and call for assistance. You wouldn't be asking me for a
    Social Security number, would you?
    The Bank: No sir, I wouldn't.

    Customer : Why not?

    The Bank: Because you would have pressed '2' to speak in Spanish. We
    don't ask for that information when calling in on the Spanish line.

    I provided "snopes" for doubters:

    Now, I hope the following 14 reasons are forwarded over and over again
    until they are read so many times that the reader gets sick of reading
    them. I have included the URL's for verification of the following facts.

    1. $11 Billion to $22 billion is spent on welfare to illegal aliens
    each year.

    2. $2.2 Billion dollars a year is spent on food assistance programs
    such as food stamps, WIC, and free school lunches for illegal aliens.

    3. $2.5 Billion dollars a year is spent on Medicaid for illegal

    4. $12 Billion dollars a year is spent on primary and secondary school
    education for children here illegally and they cannot speak a word of

    5. $17 Billion dollars a year is spent for education for the
    American-born children of illegal aliens, known as anchor babies. TS/0604/01/ldt.01.html

    6. $3 Million Dollars a DAY is spent to incarcerate illegal aliens. -

    7. 30% percent of all Federal Prison inmates are illegal aliens.

    8. $90 Billion Dollars a year is spent on illegal aliens for Welfare &
    social services by the American taxpayers.

    9. $200 Billion Dollars a year in suppressed American wages are caused
    by the illegal aliens.

    10. The illegal aliens in the United States have a crime rate that's
    two and a half times that of white non-illegal aliens. In particular,
    their children, are going to make a huge additional crime problem in
    the US.

    11. During the year of 2005 there were 4 to 10 MILLION illegal aliens
    that crossed our Southern Border also, as many as 19,500 illegal aliens
    from Terrorist Countries. Millions of pounds of drugs, cocaine, meth,
    heroine and marijuana, crossed into the U. S from the Southern
    border.Homeland Security Report:

    12. The National Policy Institute, "estimated that the total cost of
    mass deportation would be between $206 and $230 billion or an average
    cost of between $41 and $46 billion annually over a five year period."

    13. In 2006 illegal aliens sent home $45 BILLION in remittances back
    to their countries of origin.

    14. "The Dark Side of Illegal Immigration: Nearly One Million Sex
    Crimes Committed by Illegal Immigrants In The United States".

    The total cost is a whopping $338.3 BILLION DOLLARS A YEAR
    If this doesn't bother you then just delete the message, but on the
    other hand, if it does raise the hair on the back of your neck, then
    forward it to every human in the country including every representative
    in Washington , DC for four times a week, for a month.
    "It is sobering to reflect that one of the best ways to get yourself a reputation as a dangerous citizen these days is to go about repeating the very phrases which our founding fathers used in the struggle for independence." Charles A. Beard

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    Default Re: Boggles the mind....

    I agree the U.S. has not done nearly enough regarding curbing illegal immigration. I do have two points though.

    Quote Originally Posted by Celtic_Crippler View Post
    4. $12 Billion dollars a year is spent on primary and secondary school
    education for children here illegally and they cannot speak a word of
    Things aren't always what they seem. That just as often is the school administration working the system. When I was a kid, we had the "4th Friday count". The schools counted all the kids on the Fourth Friday in September, and that determined how much money the school got (paid per head). That would be the day the Principal would go to all the apple orchards, shake the trees, and drag to school all the "foreign" kids that fell out. You wouldn't see them again the next week. If the schools had to prove all the students were citizens or legal immigrants, it might change something.

    5. $17 Billion dollars a year is spent for education for the
    American-born children of illegal aliens, known as anchor babies. TS/0604/01/ldt.01.html
    Unless you want to change the constitution, those kids are American Citizens. As citizens, and since public education is made available to all citizens, I don't have such a big problem with it. Even if we send their families back to wherever, these citizens will be able to come back some day. They might as well be somewhat educated and speak English when they come back.

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    Default Re: Boggles the mind....

    didn't know this was gonna get all serious, and so I had an interesting tidbit to fit in with different cultures on help desks, etc. So... Having said that, I will post it anyway.

    The week before last I got high speed internet on a different isp. My old email addy went away with the advent of high speed. I messed up my eBay password on my account that I have had for close to 10 years. I could not get any response on changing to my new email address to change my password, so I could now begin to sell all my stuff (are you following this so far? )

    I finally, after almost a week, got tired of sending copies of my drivers license, and trying to answer stupid security questions (i.e. You have a feedback from November 11, 2006. What was that item?). Monday night at 01:30 a.m. I got on the eBay live talk help line in an attempt to finally get this situatuion resolved....

    Long story short, four hours later, and a 36 page Word document of the ongoing conversation that I saved in size 11 font with someone named, Sloane. And after receiving no substantive help from this individual... I got the following bit of advise from it all ... Read down to 6:17:44 AM Sloane
    15:34 AM SloaneThey are our Trust and Safety Department.
    6:15:48 AM sigung How do I get to them?\
    6:16:34 AM SloaneIt's the "Email Us " link that I provided that will be sent to them.
    6:17:11 AM sigung OH... OK... So I guess nothing more will ever get done on this. I've been down this road also... Thanks
    6:17:24 AM Sloane My pleasure! Thank you for using eBay, I hope you have a wonderful day!
    6:17:29 AM Sloane Once you’re ready to close this chat window, please feel free to click on the “Exit” button.
    6:17:44 AM Sloane Take care, Daniel. Shop victoriously!
    6:17:57 AM sigungwhatever...
    6:18:04 AM Sloane All right, bye Daniel!

    And so... I spent all that time learning only that I must "shop victoriously"... losing my 10 year old account and thinkng that if there were another commercial option I would tell eBay to choose up sides and kiss my big old .... Well, you get the idea

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