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Thread: WOW! Who ISN'T in this video?

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    Default WOW! Who ISN'T in this video?

    A firend has this clip up on their MS page... it's an excerpt from a 1995 PBS special entitled "Women of Country"... also available on DVD...

    Mary Chapin-Carpenter is a geat singer in her own right... but, DANG! Who ISN'T in this video?

    Some of the biggest names of today and yesterday walk on stage as the song rolls along...


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    Default Re: WOW! Who ISN'T in this video?

    She is purty.

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    Default Re: WOW! Who ISN'T in this video?

    Ummmm yea, I saw a few that I know. But am I just that young because I have no clue who any of the others were and it looks like this was taken back in the 90's.
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