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Thread: Halloween Safety Tips

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    Default Halloween Safety Tips

    A friendly public service announcement for parents, trick-or-treaters, and pet owners.

    Probably the best part of Halloween. Adults need to help children pick out costumes. Make sure they are fire retardant or fire proof. Masks and costume eyeholes should be large enough for good peripheral vision. Watch the length, if the costume goes to the bottom of the feet, there is a tripping danger. Shorten the hem if necessary. Consider adding reflective tape or striping to costumes and trick-or-treat bags. Make
    sure shoes fit and are comfortable. If you are going to use make-up for the costume, consider non-toxic, hypoallergenic make-up. Remember to use a small amount before the big costume day to check for allergies or other reactions. If props, such as swords or guns are going to be used, make sure they do not look "real" and that they are soft and rounded for safety.

    Decorations for the home
    Putting up decorations is a significant part of Halloween for many people. There are great products available to reduce fire hazards in decorations. There are "pumpkin lights" that are battery operated, LED lights to replace candles. You can also purchase imitation pumpkins at your local craft store that can be carved. If you do use candles, keep them away from other decorations and areas where trick-or-treaters will be. Decorations should not block walk-ways.

    Many cities have moved trick-or-treating times to daylight hours the weekend before Halloween for safety reasons. Other cities have trick-or-treating hours in the early evening on Halloween. Regardless of when your child goes out, there are several safety tips you should put into practice.
    1. Make sure the children eat a meal before going trick-or-treating.
    2. Carry healthy snacks for the outing such as fruit.
    3. Plan a safe route before heading out.
    4. If at all possible, a responsible adult should accompany children on the outing.
    5. If your outing is after dark, take a flashlight.
    6. Make sure children cross at crosswalks, stay on sidewalks if possible, and avoid running across yards.
    7. Stay as a group.
    8. Children should only go to houses that are designated as trick-or-treat houses. The front light is on or there is a designation for daylight hours.
    9. Instruct children never to go into the home of a stranger or get into a car.
    10. Instruct children not to eat any treats until they bring them home and an adult has inspected them.
    Home Safety
    Whether you are welcoming trick-or-treaters to you home or not, there are a few things you should take into consideration to keep the holiday safe.
    Make sure you remove objects from your lawn such as hoses, ladders, etc. If you would like to have trick-or-treaters stop, turn on your outdoor and indoor lights.

    Pet Safety
    Holidays, in general, are a very busy time with lots of people around. Halloween is no exception. For safety sake, bring your pet(s) inside for the night. This time of year can be particularly dangerous for cats. Vicious people tend to find Halloween an excuse to hurt or kill them. Make sure to pick up some treats for your pet. Do not give your pet candy. Remember, even a small amount of chocolate can be deadly. Watch for discarded candy wrappers. These are a choking hazard for pets and children. Dogs may be frightened or upset with all the trick-or-treaters coming to the house and ringing the doorbell. Try to keep them away from the front entry.

    Regardless of how you celebrate, have a safe and Happy Halloween!
    *sources: National Crime Prevention Council, The National Safety Council, and The American Red Cross
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    Default Re: Halloween Safety Tips

    I don't like Halloween. I am quite happy to sit at home with all the lights off. Too bad my kids like to trick or treat.
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    Default Re: Halloween Safety Tips

    Great tips CC, thanks for posting them. I edited the size to make reading a little easier.
    Quality outweighs quantity every time.

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    Default Re: Halloween Safety Tips

    Everyone knows that a halloween party at your local dojo is the safest and most fun place to be.

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