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Thread: HARD HARDcore training

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    Default HARD HARDcore training

    I've met some instructors that probably wish they could get away with training people like this.

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    Default Re: HARD HARDcore training

    I have trained with those who like to hit hard. I frequently full contact spar with a friend. There are valuble lessons to be learned from hitting hard and getting hit hard. However that kind of abuse is just not justified in any way. Simply put that is NOT training, but abuse of people by someone who should know better. The job of any MA instructor is to aid in the growth of their students, both in physical skills but mental skills. Putting your students in the hospital does nothing to help their physical abilities or for their mental growth as well.

    This same video was also discussed on MartialTalk under the "Horror Stories" Section, titled "Sensei from hell"

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