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Thread: Holy Smack!

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    Default Holy Smack!

    I just noticed this and I'm not sure if I'm correct but while I was watching tv tonight I noticed something.

    There is a commercial for ORBIT WHITE chewing gum where the guy is checking out his teeth in his rearview mirror whilst driving through a museum and then into a dojo. BUT right b/f he drives into the dojo, there is a sign that says KARATE above the building and I THINK it says Kenpo right above KARATE. If anyone else has good eyes or equipment to slow down the commercial, could you see if I'm correct?

    How cool would that be?
    "Second chances they don't never matter, people never change
    Once a whore you're nothing more i'm sorry that'll never change
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    (*this is where a punch would be landed)

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    Default Re: Holy Smack!

    I did notice the karate part ... ill look closer next time.

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