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    For those that have had the experience, what's involved in putting together or hosting a successful event like a seminar or just a tournament?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Celtic_Crippler
    For those that have had the experience, what's involved in putting together or hosting a successful event like a seminar or just a tournament?
    Seminars are easier to put together than camps or tournaments. The biggger the event the more costs, and the more chance of failure.

    A seminar is also the most cost efficient event to host as well. You will need to put up the guest instructor in a hotel for the night, pay their travel expenses, and feed them, in return you have seminar(s) and usually a private lesson for the host as well.

    In the beginning bring in someone that only lives 3 or 4 hours away from you so you only have to pay about $100 in travel, and their teaching cost. That way if it isn't too successful you don't lose your shirt. You also have to set a number of what the break even point is and a date that it has to be met by. If you are with in 5 people by the pre-registration date then you shoudl be pretty good, so aim a little higher than neccessary. Make sure you put the word out to every school you can find, posting the event on places like KenpoTalk will greatly help promote your event. Remember for hosting an event you have to bring in someone the public will want to see, not your favorite.

    For tournaments you have to have prizes, lots and lots of prizes, and only 10 - 20% of competitors every pre-register, that is both good and bad. Pre-registerations pay less money, but it is money you have up front to help with expenses along the way. Smart people get sponsors and produce a small tournament brochure for the day of the event. Sell business card sized ads in the brochure as sponsorships for different divisions to help defer costs. Promote, promote, promote. Promote your event to every school, within 5 - 6 hours of you.

    Camps are the hardest of all events to host. You have multiple instructors, ego's clash, and lots of money going out. You have to have a big enough venue to have a camp, plus arrangements with a hotel for lodging, and promoting the event nationwide.
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