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Thread: EPAK: Who was Edmund Parker Sr.?

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    Default EPAK: Who was Edmund Parker Sr.?

    EPAK: Who was Edmund Parker Sr.?
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    Red face Re: EPAK: Who was Edmund Parker Sr.?

    hi there to all kenpoist out there, my name is sifu bernard(scorpio)strickland from b,ham alabama, and i was just wondering out there. how many of us ,have our "kenpo karate creed" in chinese and engish printed together in one. what i was told by my master, who train me his name was "mr bill parks" who was train by two "sr.g.m." was "sr.g.m.ed parker" founder of american kenpo and "sr.g.m. david german" founder of tai- karate, or tai-kenpo system". the one i have show our kenpo creed, in chinese lanuage on top, and also in english on the bottem but, both of them are saying the same thing. so if any body have one of these "kenpo creed" the way i do please inform me @ or you can call me @ 205-785-9401. if any body would like to see it, go to "rich hale kenpo website"@ pacific just check out his whole his website, you will enjoy it. thank you so much. sincerely sifu scorpio

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