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Thread: Pu Shu Catching a Mouse

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    Default Pu Shu Catching a Mouse

    This technique was taken from a book entitled "Shaolin Chin Na Fa" the Art of Seizing and Grappling. While ancient in origin this particular book was published as an Instructors Manual for Police Academy in Zhejiang Province (Shanghai, 1936). I thought it would be appropriate for all you grappling fans to see that long before the advent of the MMA there were highly advanced techniques that were practiced and taught. I do have an ebook of this manual if any would be so interested.

    "This method is employed when your enemy attacks from the front and tries to grapple your torso with his arms or seize you by the waist belt. You must immediately retreat while at the same time pulling the enemy to himself to make him lean forward. A quick action is required so as not to allow the attacker to use a head butt. Seize the enemy by the checks from both sides pressing on the tendons below the ears with great force. Do your best to thrust the fingers as deep as possible as you pull moving your entire body back. Muscles of the enemies whole body will numb and he will not be able to move an arm or a leg for some time."

    This is a paraphrase of the translation form the Chinese. The book has pictures to illustrate this and many other moves in detail. The author stresses that strong fingers are required to perform this move effectively.
    In that regard working a hard rubber ball is a simple way to build strength in the hands as well as fingertip pushups of course! LOL!! I hope a few open minded folks on the forum will find this technique to be helpful.

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