Seminar with Senior Master Of The Art…
Mr. Richard ”Huk” Planas
10th degree black belt
Mr. Ingmar Johansson
4th degree black belt

Saturday the 9 and Sunday the 10 of April 2005

Come and practice with one of the most recognized and well known kenpo master in the world. The man with the how´s and the why´s, teacher of the teachers. A true master who was there when the system was put together in the late -60:s.

During this weekend we will cover:

· Kenpo principles
· Proper body mechanics
· Rules of motion
· Logics in kenpo

Seminars will be held in Otterup, 15 km north of Odense, Denmark, at KENPO Self-defence Studio. You can sleep in sleeping bags at the studio.

Seminars will be conducted Saturday and Sunday between
10:00 – 12:30 and 14:30 – 17:00

Saturday night there are Brotherhood dinner, where we go out to eat and have fun.

Seminar fees, if you pay before the 18 of march.

1 Day seminar 400 Danish crowns. (55 Euros)
2 Days seminar 650 Danish crowns. (85 Euros)

Seminar fees, if you pay after the 18 of march.

1 Day seminar 500 kr. (65 Euros)
2 Days seminar 750 kr. (100 Euros)

There are limited spots available so you have to book your spot for the seminar and the dinner it you what to join.

For more info and payment contact.

Thomas Rasmussen
Tlf: 64825458
Mobil 61365458
E-Mail :

Best Kenpo Regards
Kim Dahl