Hello everyone, I wanted to announce the Springfield Area Martial Arts Expo 2009.

This event will be held in Springfield Missouri on August 22nd, and is free and open to all martial artists regardless of style, rank, experience, or affiliation.

My goal is to unite everyone who has a love for martial arts so we can work out together, network, and show what we have in common. This will be an opportunity to share how you do what you do, as well as to learn from other perspectives.

Doors will open at 9am, with seminars running from 10 till Noon. Then we will break for two hours for lunch, and return at 2 for three more hours of seminars until 5pm.

The format will be a succession of short, half hour seminars on specific topics, run concurrently throughout the day. There will be something for everyone, and always interesting martial arts going on somewhere at the expo.

We have open seminar slots still available if anyone would like to come give a short half hour seminar on a topic of their choice. We are also offering sponsorship opportunities to promote your school or organization.

Please check out our website at Springfield Area Martial Arts Expo or email us at Mamartialarts@hotmail.com for more information.