Professor Doyle’s 2.5 hour Training program for May 2009.

May 17th at 10:00 am members of the Ohio Instructors college will meet at Professor Joe Doyle’s Karate Academy in Mentor, Ohio for 2.5 hours of intense training in the Parker/Planas Kenpo curriculum.

All Kenpoist regardless of rank or affiliation are welcome at these events. Cost is just $50.00; plus all the physical exhaustion you can handle!

Professor Doyle (6th) will separate attendees according to their Kenpo knowledge or skills and will run simultaneous classes side by side in his great-room training facility. Instruction and training in the true fighting skills of American Kenpo will be discussed and learned through the usage of pads, drills, sets, freestyle practice and the Parker Kenpo techniques. Mr. Doyle will be sharing his understanding of Kenpo as it is required to be known by his Master 10th degree American Kenpo Grand Master Richard “Huk” Planas.

This training event will be a complete and well rounded experience for all Kenpoist in attendance and will provide all the attendees with the knowledge necessary to properly participate in the Planas seminars held four times each year in this same location.

All of these monthly events are highly recommended by KenpoCoach who will also be in attendance.

Contact Professor Doyle at 440-255-6697 or go to his website and email him; to sign up for your lessons.

For a more complete description of Professor Doyle's facilities please go to the "Schools" forum at KenpoTalk and pull up his listing from the archive. In it you will find out everything you will need to know about Professor Doyle before you contact him for sign up.