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Thread: 1st European Instructor's Camp Parker/Planas Lineage Overview!!!

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    Default 1st European Instructor's Camp Parker/Planas Lineage Overview!!!

    1st European Instructor’s Camp
    The first European instructor’s camp for the Parker/Planas lineage was held in Norrköping Sweden October 3rd-5th/2008. This camp was designed to bring all of the instructor’s from different countries in Europe together in one place to meet and train and enhance their kenpo skills personally as well as their teaching abilities. There were 25 participants at this first event from 9 different countries such as England, Germany, USA, Canada, Norway, Ireland, Denmark,Greece and Sweden. The event was organized and planned by Ingmar Johansson of Kenpo Self Defense Studio, it was his vision to bring everyone together for an environment of learning and understanding the why’s and how’s of Ed Parker’s kenpo system and it’s design.

    The head instructor of camp was 10th Degree Grand Master Richard “huk” Planas who was a direct student of Senior Grand Master Ed Parker. Mr. Planas is known around the world as the man that teaches the why’s and how’s of kenpo and it’s design based on logic and physics not just a monkey see monkey do mentality. He encourages everyone to explore the art without changing the art, and through his methods of teaching he gives you the keys to open many doors of knowledge if you are willing to take the time and look. The topics covered at this camp were

    Forms Short 1/ Long 1, Short 2/ Long 2, Short 3/ Long 3
    Techniques that were covered were related to the family grouping such as the five swords family, the crane family etc.. Many concepts principles and theories were taught for the techniques as well as the history behind them the reasoning for the names.. Once the techniques were executed to his satisfaction we were shown an extension and then told to graft our own. Many believe that Mr.Planas does not teach extensions which is false, he lets us understand it is the base system and forms that is the meat and potatoes of the system and a “set” sequence for extension is not necessary as long as they don’t break rules of motion.

    The forms were covered in great details and the participants were shown many things within them they did not see right away. An example that was used is first you look for the elephant in the barn, then the mouse, and then the needle in the haystack. During the camp everyone was asking questions during the sessions and after, everyone had a lot of personal interaction with Mr.Planas and he was always ready to answer anyone who was willing to ask.

    The camp participants all got together after hours and ate at some fantastic places and sang karaoke and got to really know and interact with each other. At the end of the camp the participants were awarded with an amazing certificate and were recognized for their support and efforts in continuing the promotion of the Parker/Planas lineage. Photos were taken of everyone all weekend and all participants received a copy of all the photo’s including the group shot at the end.
    All the people that attended said they had a great time and are looking forward to the next one and with everyones efforts it will surely be a camp not to miss for years to come. It is a nice addition to the Viking spirit camp that is held annually here as well.

    Take Care
    Jason Arnold
    Canada via Sweden

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    Default Re: 1st European Instructor's Camp Parker/Planas Lineage Overview!!!

    Sounds like y'all had a great time at the camp
    Quality outweighs quantity every time.

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