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Thread: Midwest Cross-Style Camp

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    Default Midwest Cross-Style Camp

    BudoCamp 2007 will be in Omaha nebraska this year. This annual weekend-long event invites teachers from many styles to come and present their art. This year we have:

    Jim Corn - Okinawan Karate and Kyusho jitsu
    Fred Mastison - Aikido
    Tim Huertz - Yi Li Chuan Kung Fu
    Gary Boaz - Aikido, Brazilian jujitsu (how many jujitsu are in a brazillian?), kyusho Jitsu
    Shawn Steiner - Shaolin kempo

    and a couple more too.

    The setting is a lake-side camp, with cabins and a mess hall, near the intersection of the Missouri and Platte Rivers. its' beautiful down there.

    I'll be there but don't let that dissuade you from coming :P

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    Default Re: Midwest Cross-Style Camp

    David count me in, and please send me the info. If you have an extra time block, I would be honored to fill it.
    Brad Marshall SP

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