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Thread: 14th Annual Bryan Hawkins All American Kenpo Karate Training Camp

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    Default 14th Annual Bryan Hawkins All American Kenpo Karate Training Camp


    14th Annual Bryan Hawkins All American Kenpo Karate Training Camp
    September 28-29, 2007
    Camp Details

    Registration Information
    The Training Camp is open to adult Kenpoists of all ranks and Kenpo kids of all ranks ages 7 and up.

    Groups of ten or more will receive a 10% discount. To receive this discount, send your applications together, indicate "group discount", and deduct 10% from the applicable registration fee. (Please note that the discount applies only to the registration fee -- not to the Saturday evening Awards Dinner.)

    Following are the registration prices for the upcoming Training Camp.

    If paid before 9/10/07.......If paid after 9/10/07
    Full Day...........$105..........$120

    Camp Schedule
    Friday, September 28
    6:30 PM - 7:30 PM UKS Black Belt Testing
    at Bryan Hawkins Kenpo Karate - West L.A.
    Note: This is a closed test. Only black belts may attend.

    Saturday, September 29
    7:00 AM - 8:00 AM Yoga & Tai Chi
    8:00 AM - 8:30 AM Morning Refreshments
    8:30 AM - 12:00 PM Training Sessions
    12:00 PM - 1:00 PM Lunch
    1:00 PM - 6:00 PM Training Sessions
    8:00 PM - 10:00 PM UKS Awards Dinner
    at Taix French Country Cuisine
    Advance registration is required.

    For those choosing to register on the day of the Training Camp, on-site registration will begin at 8:00 AM Saturday.

    Session Topics

    * Kenpo Cross-Training
    * Kenpo Knives
    * Kenpo Nunchaku Techniques
    * Tournament Self-Defense
    * Street Combat
    * Various Weapons Training
    * Breathing Techniques
    * Kenpo Sticks
    * Traditional Kenpo Forms
    * Kenpo Ground Fighting

    Required Equipment

    * Uniform, groin protector, & mouthguard
    * Kenpo Sticks
    * Nunchaku (Black Belts only)
    * Knives (plastic or rubber only)
    * Workout shoes, hat (if desired), & sunscreen. (Some classes will be outdoors.)
    * Any other Kenpo gear you may feel necessary or helpful.

    Camp Location

    Unless otherwise specified, camp activities will take place at Stoner Recreation Center, 1835 Stoner Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90025.

    Directions from the 405 Freeway:
    (Guideline only -- Please check Mapquest or a similar service for the shortest route from your starting point.)

    * Take the 10 Freeway (Santa Monica Freeway) West toward Santa Monica.
    * Take the Bundy Drive North exit and proceed nouth on Bundy Drive.
    * Turn right onto Missouri Avenue
    * Turn left onto Stoner Avenue and proceed to 1835 Stoner Avenue.

    UKS Awards Dinner (Saturday Night)

    Camp participants and their guests are invited to attend the UKS Awards Dinner, which this year will be held at Taix French Country Cuisine (established in 1927), located at 1911 W. Sunset Blvd. in Los Angeles (Phone: 213-484-1265). Dinner will be offered at a cost of $45 (tax and tip included). Your attendance is warmly welcomed, but remember, space is limited -- so get your registration in early! (See registration page for details.)


    The Radisson Hotel located at 6161 West Centinela Avenue in Culver City has a free shuttle service to and from Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) and is conveniently located only a few miles from the Training Camp location. Bryan Hawkins Kenpo Karate will provide transportation to and from the Radisson Hotel and the Training Camp. For reservations or directions, please call the hotel at 310-649-1776 or visit their website at .

    For additional information, please contact Bryan Hawkins at 310-313-3883

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    Default Re: 14th Annual Bryan Hawkins All American Kenpo Karate Training Camp


    The Instructors for this training camp will be:

    Camp Instructors
    (in alphabetical order)

    Willy Aguilar
    Albert Cornejo
    James Diggs
    Paul Dye
    Steve Gregan
    Bryan Hawkins
    Scott Higgins
    Wes Idol
    Gurujodha Singh Khalsa
    Graham Lelliot
    Patrick Pace, Jr.
    Edmund Parker, Jr.
    Damien Romero
    Pat Salantri
    Howard Silva
    Robert Temple

    Willy Aguilar: Professor Aguilar has over 30 years’ training and teaching experience. He began his karate training in 1968 with Jimmy Woo. In 1972 he started his Kenpo training with Dan Rodarte. He has also trained with David Torres and with the BKF. He currently trains under Frank Trejo. An International world champion and Masters Hall of Fame Inductee, Professor Aguilar has had his own dojo (, which he runs with his wife Denise, for the last 25 years and has run one of the largest and most successful tournaments on the West Coast -- The U.S. Open -- for 15 years.

    Albert Cornejo: Mr. Cornejo began his training at the original Santa Monica school in the early 1960s, and for the last 34 years has been teaching his own unique brand of Kenpo at his own school. In addition to teaching his own students, Mr. Cornejo teaches a rigorous class every Friday evening at Bryan Hawkins Kenpo Karate. Mr. Cornejo holds the rank of 8th degree black belt and also has the distinction of being Mr. Parker’s personal barber for all those years. As well as being a veteran Kenpoist, Mr. Cornejo is an accomplished sculptor, specializing in working with iron to create remarkably detailed and life-like works of art.

    James Diggs: Having begun his martial arts training in 1974 at the age of 13, Mr. Diggs has run the gamut in terms of systems he has studied. He has experience in Kung Fu and has studied with Chuck Norris in Tang Soo Do, Gene Labelle in Judo and Rickson Gracie in Jujitsu. His primary art is, of course, Ed Parker’s Kenpo, with his own training facility in Victorville, California. He also holds a seat on the U.K.S. Advisory Board.

    Paul Dye: Mr. Dye has more than 30 years’ experience teaching the art of Kenpo. He was fortunate to spend time with Mr. Parker at both the Pasadena and Santa Monica schools. At the Pasadena school, he participated in the legendary “Friday Night Technique Line” for over 10 years and earned his reputation for extreme intensity. Mr. Dye has achieved over 60 open black belt championships during his competition career. It was his goal to promote the Self-Defense tournament division in its infancy. After he retired from competition, Mr. Parker placed him as the center for the self-defense division at the Internationals Championships. Mr. Dye came out of retirement at the 2001 UKS tournament hosted by Bryan Hawkins and earned first place once again in black belt self-defense. He followed that up in January 2002 with another first-place win in the self-defense division at Frank Trejo’s Internationals in Pasadena. In addition to teaching at his home in Covina, California, Mr. Dye has traveled extensively throughout the U.S. and Europe giving seminars and providing personal training for other instructors in Kenpo. His knowledge and communication skills have also enabled him to teach Kenpo to children and adults who are challenged by loss of sight, loss of hearing, or cerebral palsy. It is his desire to share his extensive knowledge of Kenpo to other generations so that it is not forgotten and to demonstrate the evolution of the system with the focus, athleticism and intensity that is his trademark.

    Steve Gregan: Steve Gregan has been studying Kenpo since 1990, and has had the privilege of meeting and learning from many of the art’s finest practitioners. His instructor for the last 17 years has been friend and mentor Bryan Hawkins, and Steve has become one of the senior instructors at Mr. Hawkins’ school in West LA. In his “day job”, Mr. Gregan owns and operates Wholly Cow Audio, a post-production recording studio in Manhattan Beach. As a musician, he still occasionally gigs around town when the itch is strong, but spends much of his time with his wife and 4-year-old son, Nicholas.

    Bryan Hawkins: Mr. Hawkins, a 7th Degree Black Belt, has more than 30 years’ experience in the Arts. He is the owner and head instructor of Bryan Hawkins Kenpo Karate studios in West Los Angeles and in Granada Hills, and also is the President of United Kenpo Systems. Mr. Hawkins had the privilege of being one of the many protégés taught by our Senior Grandmaster and later became a private student. Among his numerous martial arts activities, Mr. Hawkins also held the position of Manager and Chief Instructor of Ed Parker’s Kenpo Studio in West Los Angeles and had the honor of serving as the Kenpo technical advisor with Mr. Parker on “The Perfect Weapon” and numerous other television projects and theatrical releases. Along with fellow Kenpoists Gurujodha Singh Khalsa and Michael Mandaville, Mr. Hawkins is co-founder of Martial Arts for Peace (MAP), a non-profit organization whose goal is to help at-risk teenagers.

    Scott Higgins: Mr. Higgins, a 6th Degree Black Belt, began his martial arts training in 1966. He studied judo, Choi Li Fut, and Tae Kwon Do, among other arts, before beginning his training in Ed Parker’s Kenpo Karate at the West Los Angeles school in 1982, receiving his black belt four years later. From 1990 to 1993 he was senior instructor at Kona Martial Arts in Hawaii. He currently trains and teaches at Bryan Hawkins Kenpo Karate and also has trained in Filipino Kali since 1989.

    Wes Idol: Wes Idol started his Kenpo training in 1986 under Albert Cornejo. During his time with Mr. Cornejo, Mr. Idol was given the space to also train with Frank Trejo, Larry Tatum, Mohammed Tabatabai, and at Benny Urquidez's “Jet Center”. In 1992, with the acceptance of Mr. Cornejo, Mr. Idol began to study under Bryan Hawkins. During his time with Bryan Hawkins, Wes Idol has been further exposed to other Ed Parker Kenpoists: Bob Liles, Tommy Burks, Howard Silva and Tony Martin; as well as working with Robert Lennon, the first American Tae Kwon Do practitioner to be invited to the Kugiwan instructors camp in Seoul, Korea. Since 1999 (with the blessings of Bryan Hawkins), Mr. Idol, a 4th Degree Black Belt, has been studying Kenpo knife strategies with Mike Pick (the man Ed Parker considered “Kenpo’s premiere knife fighter”). The edged weapon has become a favored evolution for his Kenpo practice.

    Gurujodha Singh Khalsa: Mr. Khalsa is a Master in the Art of Kundalini Yoga, which stresses proper breathing for purification, power, and precision in your art and in your life. Mr. Khalsa has also developed the art of Gatkenjitsu, a martial art and system of consciousness development utilizing the simple walking cane as a vehicle for fitness and self-defense. Mr. Khalsa is a 4th Degree Black Belt who trains and teaches Yoga, Tai Chi, Gatkenjitsu and, of course, Kenpo at the Bryan Hawkins Kenpo Karate school in Los Angeles, California.

    Graham Lelliot: Mr. Lelliott began his Karate training in 1974 on the Island of Jersey. This is the largest of a small group of Islands in the English Channel, collectively known as the Channel Islands and the place where Graham was born in 1948. In 1977, he received his Brown Belt from Professor Rainer Schulte who was Mr. Parker's European director at the time. It was under Professor Schulte's watchful eye that he progressed to his Black Belt promotion in November of 1980. He is proud to recognize Professor Schulte as his primary instructor through his early years as a Black Belt.

    He is one of only three Europeans – the other two being Professor Christian Springer and Professor Gary Ellis – who were physically tested and promoted by Senior Grand Master Edmund Parker from 1st to 4th Degree in Europe, these promotions were 1st Black 1980, 2nd Black 1982, 3rd Black 1985, 4th Black 1989. He was promoted to the status of First generation Black Belt when Mr. Parker signed his 4th Degree certificate as his instructor. This is something he is exceptionally proud of. Graham was subsequently tested and promoted to 5th Degree by IKKA in 1993. In 1997 he was promoted to 6th Degree by the AKKS in Las Vegas. He was promoted to 7th Degree by Lee Wedlake in Fresno CA April 21st 2006.

    He operated his own school in Jersey for over 20 years, and has around 30 Black belts directly under his lineage from Jersey alone. He also has several Black Belts from Spain and Sweden on his family tree. Many of his Black Belts now run successful schools around the world including Jersey CI, England, Sweden, Spain, New Zealand, and the USA.

    Graham, who is considered to be among one of the top Kenpo instructors in Europe, has travelled throughout the world teaching seminars in Spain(where many see him as a father figure), Germany, Ireland, England, Sweden, New Zealand, Australia and the United States. He has also received many invitations from as far away as South Africa and Chile as well as many other European countries, but had to decline or put on hold due to limited time off while holding down a full time job and his eventual move to the United States in 2001.

    He was the Channel Islands Kenpo Karate Federation representative to the IKKA, and later the representative for the AKKS. Graham was also the first European to teach at Jeff Speakman's Las Vegas Camp. He has officiated at 7 International championships and was instrumental in organizing the 1994 AKKA European Internationals and the 1998 AKKS European International.

    Graham has also appeared in several magazines in Spain and was on the front and center pages in one, which also featured an article on Mr. Parker and Mr. Frank Trejo.

    He has trained with or taken instruction from most of Mr. Parker's prominent Black Belts and lists these instructors as close friends who have influenced and guided him at some stage during his journey in Kenpo. They are, in no particular order; Larry Tatum, Richard “Huk” Planas, Lee Wedlake, John Sepulveda, Rainer Schulte, and of course Senior Grand Master Edmund K. Parker.

    Graham now lives in Clovis, a small city adjacent to Fresno in the San Joaquin Valley in Central California. With the help and support of his wife Jaydean, he has now opened his own school in Fresno, CA, ironically where Grand Masters Steve LeBounty, Tom Kelley, and "Huk" Planas once ran a school together. Although they are just about the toughest act you could ever want to follow, he is very excited with the challenge ahead and the great friends new and old who encourage him to follow his dream to teach and be a student of Ed Parker's Kenpo Karate.

    Patrick Pace, Jr.: Mr. Pace is a UKS Black Belt from West Midlands, England. Although he has been taught by many Kenpo instructors throughout his training, he now is under the direction of Bryan Hawkins and has relocated to his Kenpo home of Los Angeles, California. Early in his career, Mr. Pace held a number of kickboxing titles. He currently oversees 15 “Kenpo Clubs” in England. Mr. Pace specializes in pressure points and edged weapons.

    Edmund Parker, Jr.: Edmund Kealoha Parker, Jr. professionally known as Ed Parker, Jr. was born on November 15, 1959, in Glendale, California, son of the late Ed Parker Sr., Sr. Grandmaster and founder of American Kenpo Karate. Ed Jr. was raised in Southern California and focused most of his early years studying art and theater, and at that time he received the Bank of America Art Award. At the age of 19 he moved to Arizona to do social work as a missionary on the Indian Reservations. Ed worked for two years with the Navajo, Hope, Zuni, Southern Ute, Havasupai, White Mountain and Jicarilla Apache Tribes. Ed then moved to the Island of Oahu, Hawaii where he obtained a Degree from BYU-Hawaii in Illustration with a minor in Theatrical Arts. During his schooling he studied and made student films one of which won him an award for the Best Student Film for 1982 in the State of Hawaii Film Festival. He was awarded an internship on the television show "Magnum P. I." He also received 12 University art and theatrical scholarship awards.

    After finishing school, Ed returned to California where he did after graduate work at the Art Center College of Design. Completing his training there, he then went into partnership with his father. From 1983 to 1991 Ed produced nine International Karate Championships. He also co-published and designed over 20 Martial Arts books.

    In December of 1990, Ed's father passed away. Since then, Ed has continued on within the Martial Arts industry and produced 6 educational Martial Arts videos. In June of 1992 he published "The Encyclopedia of Kenpo" a complete encyclopedia on American Kenpo Karate based on the teachings of his father Ed Parker, Sr.

    In March of 1993, Ed produced the 1st Annual Martial Arts Expo, which drew a crowd of over 8,000 people. During this same year Ed earned his 1st degree Black Belt.

    During the past 20 years Ed has taught, lectured, produced, published, written, illustrated, designed, choreographed and acted in various Martial Arts related areas. He has appeared in numerous films, including Universal Pictures’ feature film “Dragon: The Life of Bruce Lee” where he portrayed his father at the Internationals. He has also been featured in 2 consecutive articles in Black Belt magazine. He has also been featured in Inside Kung-Fu, Karate/Kung-Fu Illustrated, Budo, Fighters, Kampfkunst (German Magazine), and Full Contact magazines.

    Edmund is also an accomplished illustrator and graphic artists. As a professional artist Ed has illustrated for Parenting Magazine, KCRW Radio station, National Public Radio, Impello Films, Paramount Pictures, Universal Pictures, and The Disney Channel, as well hundreds of book and magazine covers and other various pieces of art. As a martial artist, Ed Parker has focused his talents on creating innovative learning tools and visually dynamic art pieces for his community. His Kenpo Kards are beautifully illustrated collectors’ items and also very useful training aids. He is also responsible for over 500 personal portrait renderings and looks forward to reaching his goal of 1000 portraits in a lifetime. Countless illustrations have also been commissioned for film projects, DVD, book and magazine covers, corporate identities, and custom certificates, making Edmund both an accomplished and highly experienced artist.

    Ed is the proud father of four children: three daughters and one son, Ed Parker III. He is married and lives with his wife Silvia in Pasadena, California.

    Damien Romero: Sometimes known as "The Freestylist", Damien Romero is a martial arts weapons specialist and expert with the nunchaku. He has been featured in numerous magazine articles and television programs, as well as performing amazing demos at the Bryan Hawkins All American Kenpo Karate Tournament.

    Pat Salantri: Pat Salantri has over 25 years’ experience in American Kenpo. He was a personal student under Grandmaster Ed Parker and currently holds a 5th degree Black Belt. Mr. Salantri grew up on Long Island, NY, and received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology and History from Wilkes University in Wilkes Barre, PA. Mr. Salantri enlisted in the US Marines Corps in 1969, serving two tours in Vietnam. During his second tour while attached to a Marine Advisory Unit he was severely wounded, losing his left foot. During several years of rehabilitation he continued his studies and received his Masters Degree in Education from Wilkes University in 1974. He counseled Vietnam Veterans at the Veterans Administration from 1976 to 1979. Mr. Salantri decided to fulfill his life long dream of learning Karate and enrolled in Kenpo Karate at the Ed Parkers West Los Angeles School in 1980. He studied under the tutelage of Master Larry Tatum, 10th degree, receiving his Black Belt in 1986. To further his knowledge and advancement in the art, his hard work and dedication were rewarded when he was accepted as a personal student of Grand Master Ed Parker in 1987. His training under Mr. Parker culminated in a personal triumph when he placed 1st in Black Belt Defense Division and 2nd in Black Belt Masters Forms Division at the 1989 Long Beach International Karate Championships. He continued his weekly lessons under Mr. Parker until his untimely passing. Mr. Salantri has since studied under Frank Trejo, Lex Sensenbrenner and Ernie George. Mr. Salantri is currently continuing his Kenpo training under Associate Master John Sepulveda, 8th Degree Black Belt under the organization, American Kenpo Training System (AKTS). He is also simultaneously studying Serak under the tutelage of Maha Guru Victor de Thouars and edged weapons under Guru John McCurry at the Academy of Combat Blade Arts in the Balika JuJitsu System. Mr. Salantri has been featured in Inside Kung Fu (May 1992), Masters of Kung Fu (October 1993), and most recently again in Inside Kung Fu (October 2003).

    Howard Silva: Mr. Silva, a 6th Degree Black Belt, began his training in the mid-1970’s at the Ed Parker Studio in West Los Angeles. Mr. Silva became a student of Mr. Parker as well as a close personal friend. Mr. Silva specializes in the concepts and principles of Kenpo and their applications. He also appears in Books III, IV, and V of Mr. Parker’s Infinite Insights Into Kenpo series in which Mr. Parker defines Mr. Silva as “inspirational”. Mr. Silva and Mr. Hawkins have been training partners and close friends for 27 years and Mr. Hawkins refers to him as his “Kenpo Father”. Mr. Silva lives in Northern California, where he runs his own Kenpo school in Placerville, and serves as an Advisor to the U.K.S.

    Robert Temple: Professor Robert W. Temple has been involved in the Martial Arts since the age of 11. He earned his first black belt at the age of 16. Since then, he has achieved the status of Doctorate in Martial Science and holds the rank of Grand Master, 10th degree black belt. Professor Temple has taught thousands of students, earning recognition for his teachings in multiple martial arts organizations. He is presently a member of the Santa Monica Youth Services and serves as Coordinator/Youth Fitness Specialist of the Police Activities League (PAL), while also being the proprietor of the Academy of Temple’s Martial Arts and Family Fitness in Bakersfield, California. He has been recognized with numerous awards in the martial arts throughout the United States and internationally in both junior and senior competitions. Professor Temple’s hard work and dedication have been acknowledged by various organizations including the International Year of the Child-Black Childhood Development Organization, which awarded him their prestigious Certificate of Recognition. He has also been inducted into the International Martial Arts Hall of Fame.

    Professor Temple has also worked extensively applying his technical expertise in security and personal protection services. He has been featured in numerous magazines such as Martial Arts and Black Belt, as well as serving as host of television shows such as Black Belt Video and co-host and martial arts choreographer for the Infinite Power workout morning training show. He also taught weekly classes for the Los Angeles Unified School District’s Police Academy at Dorsey High School.

    Presently, Professor Temple serves as Chief Training Instructor for the Christian Karate Association (CKA), the Black Karate Federation (BKF) and the Five Level Method. He also teaches Women’s Self-Defense Seminars for the Academy of Martial Arts and mother/daughter self-defense workshops. He currently teaches classes for children and adults with special needs through the Westside Special Olympics and L.A. Metro.

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