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Thread: 2005 Gathering

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    Smile 2005 Gathering

    Hi all,

    Hanshi Bruce Juchnik is having his yearly event October 1&2 in Reno NV.
    It is not to late to go to the Gathering. Check out the web site at, Martial Arts Collective Society. Or call Hanshi at 916-308-2606.

    You can just show up in Reno and have a good time with what Reno has to offer and also take in the Gathering. It will be at the Reno Hilton. You can contact them also, I am sure they will be glad to accommodate you with a room.

    Since I am close I will be going up Saturday morning and stay a few days after the event to visit the sites. Great little town Reno.

    Hope to see you there.

    Regards, Gary

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    Smile Re: 2005 Gathering

    The Gathering was a good event, people showed up from across the country and around the world.

    I enjoyed the event. Just watched and listened and asked a few questions. A few funny answer's and off the wall. But hey, it was all in the atmosphere of good spirit and a good time. Mike Brown was truly informative (historian for the group).

    I believe it will be held in Sacramento next year. To bad some of the ones who stated they would be there over and over did not show.
    Missed some good guest's. Some great stories. Some of the best stories came from people who are in other styles and systems.

    They had a lot of demonstrations and showing of their stuff along with showing of ours...I like the FMA best.

    Traitoriousdude, no Hanshi teach's Cabales Escrima with a Kosho twist, good stuff.

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    Default Re: 2005 Gathering

    I do not know if any one saw it, but there was a nice "blurb" on the gathering in this month's Inside Kung Fu

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