Hawaiian Kenpo Fighting Secrets

In 1986 Master Perkins went to Hawaii and spent five months becoming friends with one of the
worlds most ferocious and skilled martial artist and street fighters of all time,
Professor William K. S. THUNDERBOLT Chow!
Rest In Peace

Master Perkins makes no claim of rank or status in the Kara Ho system, but the knowledge he gathered from
the Professa' and many other Kenpo masters helped him to design his own Kenpo system with his partner, Master Keoudone Cam.
Though he was all ready a Hawaiian Kenpo practioner before he went to Hawaii, what he witnessed and
learned there changed his life and direction of his art. Along with Master Cam they created
Keokin Hawaiian Kenpo Karate.
Keokin Kenpo Karate is a Hawaiian Kenpo offshoot inwhich every technique, every drill, every movement is designed to make you a better, tougher fighter in the real world. Violence is always to be avoided when possible, but when your life depends on it you will learn to

Along with the Professa', Master Perkins has had the rare opportunity through the years to train with many of the best martial arts masters around. Including, Master Paul Burge, Master Ron Alo,
Sifu Bart Mann, Sifu Duke Garcia, Professor Harold Laranang and Professor Bobby Barongan!
Now Master Perkins is providing seminars to teach your students
Hawaiian Kenpo Fighting Secrets!

In this special seminar you will learn the
Hawaiian Kenpo Fighting secrets of the masters...
Body Toughening
Body Conditioning
Balance Drills
Cooridination Drills
Foot Work Drills
Fighting Drills
Simple Effective Hawaiian Kenpo Fighting Techniques!

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