Dear friends,

This event has been in the making for the past 2 years with Grandmaster Kuoha and the board of directors and is for Kara-Ho Kempo students and instructors alike. If any of you are past or present Chinese Kara-Ho Kempo Karate members, you can contact me for more information about this event if you are interested. If your memberships have expired and you wish to attend this event you must first activate your membership, then contact me at: or Grandmaster’s Aide at and we will contact your past instructor to see if we can activate your membership.
The event is the 20 year anniversary of the passing of our founder and teacher, Professor William Kwai Sun Chow of Hawaii. This event will take place later this year in Hawaii at his grave site. A dedication will happen at this time and in the evening will be a Hawaiian Luau with entertainment and Dr. Ronald Perry (Professor Chow’s personal physician, friend, and closest advisor) will be our guest speaker. Also on hand will be Grandmaster Kuoha’s first Kara-Ho Kempo teacher, Master Charles Kuheana. Dr. Perry will be interviewed by a major martial arts magazine for a feature article as well.
We will also be doing some "old school" training for two days. Grandmaster Kuoha will take us through some of the training that he went through in the old days. We will be training in the ocean as well as on the lava rocks! We also will be treated to some internal training with Shihan Kahananui and tough man fighting with Sensei Al Parker. All training will be free and there will be no costs to any students except for the costs of the luau, transportation, etc.

I apologize but this event will only be open for active members of Professor Chow's Chinese Kara-Ho Kempo Karate both students and instructors.

Travel arrangements are being made through a travel agency in Hawaii at wholesale prices for everyone attending this event, so you can contact us for this also. There will be a special collective coin made featuring the likeness of the 1st Kara-Ho Patch belonging to Professor Chow on one side and a special picture of Professor Chow on the other. The coin will be a 2" coin with full color and in bronze. There will also be a collective wrist watch made with this same photo, which no one else has. Prices for these items will be at the costs only and only a very limited supply will be available. Sorry items will be sold to "dan" ranks first and after that it's first come, first serve, hopefully there will be some left. There is a maximum of 10 each per person.

Please contact me as soon as you can about this once in a lifetime event if you are interested.

Sensei Jamey Gibson