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Thread: Ford's Kenpo Karate Presents...

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    Default Ford's Kenpo Karate Presents...

    Ford's Kenpo Karate Presents:

    Kenpo Seminar and Tournament

    The International Karate Connection Association's

    Vic Le Roux
    10th Dan

    Will be teaching Kenpo Karate
    basics to advanced,
    as well as advanced trapping.

    Saturday Sept 30th, 2006.

    Tournament to Follow

    Fighting, Forms, and Self Defense.

    To be held in a suburb of Fort Worth, Texas, at:

    Municipal Complex
    8211 Whitesettlement Road
    Whitesettlement, Texas

    For Information call
    Travis Ford
    Ford's Kenpo Karate
    817 903-8012

    Seminar Fee: $50 includes barbeque after seminar.
    Tournament Entry Fee: $40 for 1-3 events.
    Tournament Spectator Fee: $5
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    Default Re: Ford's Kenpo Karate Presents...

    Any event that has a BBQ after it sounds like a great time.
    Quality outweighs quantity every time.

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