Europe Nippon Kobudo Jikishin-Kai Gasshuku

Jikishin Kai Europe has been honored by SHIMABUKURO MASAYUKI Hanshi, 8th Dan MJER, to organize the Jikishin-kai Intl European Gasshuku 2006 of the Jikishin Kai International. The Gasshuku 2006 will take place on October 13 th, 14 th and 15 th 2006 at the Bloso Sports Center in Herentals , Belgium. In view of the international nature of the Gasshuku, the Jikishin Kai has chosen a location that provides training as well as sleeping facilities.

There are different options to visit Belgium and other European countries while participating gasshuku.
Gasshuku takes place from Friday, October 13 until Sunday, October 15, as you can follow on the website of JKE there is an arrangement to stay at the sportshotel from Friday until Monday morning, October 16 food included (also the dinner on Saturday night).

There will be transportation provided from the airport towards the hotel (s) on day of arrival and return to airport.
Arrivals at Brussels International Airport "Zaventem" coming from USA are all in the morning between 8AM and 10AM

We also provide a trip to Paris, France and a trip to Amsterdam, Netherlands and one to Köln, Germany.
Everyone can choose wich trips to do.
Arrival on Wednesday, October 11: trip to Antwerp (visit) and overnight stay. Antwerp is the worldcapital of diamonds and as a lot of ancient history, it was also the home of the painter Pieter Paul Rubens and has a nice Cathedral with paintings from Rubens
October 12: Train to Paris and overnight stay
October 13: at noon return to Belgium and at 4Pm in Herentals for dinner and first part of gasshuku
October 14: Gasshuku and evening dinner
October 15: Gasshuku
October 16: visit to Amsterdam
October 17: visit to Köln
October 18: return home

Now people can choose to come from: October 11 until October 18 (all trips and gasshuku)
October 11 until October 16 (Paris and gasshuku)
October 13 until October 18 (Gasshuku and Holland and Germany)
October 13 until October 16 (Gasshuku)

The trip to Paris is approximatly 150 euro per person train and hotel with breakfast included (single room)
An average hotelroom for Antwerp is 90 euro, so people who do the all trip must count on 3 extra nights (oct 11, oct 16 and oct 17), arrangements are made so you can do the trips with handbagage, big cases and swords can remain safely at my house for all participants during the daytrips.

For flight information: I usually fly with Continental airlines because of the best rates (just information), maybe someone as better ones depending on where you come from in the US.

Payments for gasshuku and all-in package can be made:

For people in Belgium on bankaccount: 953-0288425-13

For people in Europe on Bankaccount: IBAN BE08 9530 2884 2513 BIC CTBKBEBX

Bank account on the name of:
Marc Mebis
Beversebaan 77
2070 Zwijndrecht, België

For people International (USA) by paypal on my paypal account using my e-mailaddress:

Use your name and gasshuku 2006 in the remarks.

Everybody can use the online subscriptionform, unfortunatly it doesn't work for everyone(depends on the software on some computers we think).
Please always send a personel note to me to wich I can and will reply to make sure subscription is confirmed.
By using paypal you get an automatic confirmation about the payment, other payments will be confirmed by e-mail.

Please everyone who subscripes, make sure we have your e-mailaddress.

I hope to see a lot of you here in the old world

Sincerely yours

Marc Mebis
European representative for the Jikishin-Kai International
Chief Instructor for the Jikishin-Kai Europe / Belgium__________________

Those budoka from Europe that have previously expressed an interest in joining the Nippon Kobudo Jikishin-Kai Intl. and wishing to establish a future affiliation with this organization are encouraged to contact Carl Long prior to this Gasshuku. The event will also be open to those that wish to express their interest in representing the Jikishin-Kai in various European countries. Please feel free to respond by using the following e-mail address:

Carl Long