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Thread: Kenpo at the Shaolin Cultural Festival

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    Default Kenpo at the Shaolin Cultural Festival

    As mentioned previously, Ed Parker's American Kenpo will be represented at the upcoming Shaolin Cultural Festival.

    In addition to competition, we have assembled a "Dream Team" of Kenpoists to demonstrate Mr. Parker's art. The team consists of such fine Kenpoists as: Paul Dye, Dave Thompson, Anto Parseghian, Dan Pribble, Andrea Pfefer Solow, Michael Pombeiro, Angelo Collado, Scott Halsey, Luis Gutierrez and others. We have picked up special Dream Team Uniforms (see below).

    This is such a fantastic collection of Kenpo greats that we will ask them to perform at our event banquet in March. If you wish to show your support for this team we will have t-shirts available for purchase. All monies will go to Royal Family Kids. Contact the studio for information 949 645-0337.

    Thank you,
    Vishal Shukla

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    Default Re: Kenpo at the Shaolin Cultural Festival

    Meeting today with Paul Dye to distribute uniforms and coordinate the demonstration. We have a great group of talented kenpo black belts the trick will be how to showcase their skills within our time frame. I feel like Coach Kryzewski coaching the greatest basketball players in the world for our Olympic team.
    We will have the t-shirts ready soon and I hope our community can get involved and support kenpo. The event is Oct. 12th at the Los Angeles Convention Center for the Shaolin Temple Cultural Festival.

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