hi.fellow kenpoist, i just read about t.a.i. kenpo and sr.g.m.(david german) and his art,and i,an here to tell you that tai-kenpo karate is well in the great state of alabama. i too also study tai-kenpo karate from my late master mr.bill parks who in turn study under sr.g.m.(david german) from the sixthy- seventhy wait (master parks) was living in l.a.cailf. and was a black belt.he and his wife. master parks bought his brand of american kenpo and tai-karate to (birmingham,alabama).we were the only tai-kenpo karate in the state of alabama. and i can tell you for a fact that tai-kenpo karate works well on the streets for self-defence. i can,t tell you how many times it works for me and other of my classmate throughtout the years. i myself is a fifth dergree black belt(assoc. prof.) in tai-kenpo karate. me and sr.g.m.(german) talk alot over the phone,rigth alone with (kenpojoe). i,m honor to be a black belt of sr.g.m.(german) and the tai-kenpo family. thank you mr.bernard(scorpio) strickland fifth degree black belt(assoc. prof.) scorpio62052@bellsouth.net 1-205-785-9501/1-205-586-3467