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    What are the ranks in Kajukenbo?
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    Default Re: Ranks

    Color belts can differ. White, purple, blue, green, brown (1 degree). The differances from school to school would be ranks between white and purple, since originally there wasn't any. But around the 60s-70s some schools added yellow and orange before purple, and some added "white/purple" before purple.

    Black belt ranks and titles are:
    Student black (1 year probationary rank) = "Sibak"
    1st and 2nd degrees = "Sibak"
    3rd, 4th, & 5th degree = "Sifu"
    6th & 7th degrees = "Sigung"
    8th degree = "Professor"
    9th degree = "Grandmaster"
    9th degree = "Sr. Grandmaster" (only one in the system at a time)
    10th degree (only the founders) = "Sijo"

    The belts themselves are:
    Plain black for "student black"
    1th-4th indicated by red tips/stripes
    5th is black with red trim
    6th is half red, half white (lengthwise, not barred)
    7th is half red, half black (same as above)
    8th is red with black trim
    9th is red with silver trim
    10th is red with gold trim

    Won Hop Kuen Do and Tumpai will sometimes use kung fu sashes instead of karate belts.

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