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Thread: What is Okinawan Kempo?

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    Default What is Okinawan Kempo?

    What is it? What makes it different from all the other "ken/mpos" out there?
    Most notably, how does it differ from Japanese Kempo?

    How many styles are there? Who is a noted practitioner?

    Where can one find it?
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    I was talking to Shihan Charles Garrett at the Gathering that was held in Reno over the week-end of the 1st/2nd of Oct. This man travels all over the country talking and showing what Okinawan karate is all about.

    He is a practioner of Matsumura Shorin Ryu. For those interested. He is in the Sacramento area of CA. When not traveling. You can pm/em me if you want more information on his Katate-Do. His title is Kyoshi. He knows Patrick McCarthy very well and was the go between for some of the things that Hanshi Bruce needed to have translated by Sensei McCarthy.

    They Both have Japanese wives.

    Shihan is the very quick to tell you that his wife is really Okinawan. Okinawan people who are from the Ryukyu's. Consider themselves much different then Japanese.

    I also was talking and observing Shihan Velez, he studied with Soke Kuniba, a legend in the Okinawan arts. Both these gentlemen are very knowledgeable.

    I was training under Sensei Tim Evans in Elk Grove, but went full time into FMA. So much to do so little time.

    Regards, Gary

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