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    Default Rohai

    How many people have studied this Kata? What does it teach?
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    Default Re: Rohai

    I have studied Rohai for years, but there are several different versions of the kata. Hohan Soken had three unarmed versions of the kata alone, and each school's Rohai I see is a little different.

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    Default Re: Rohai

    in SKK a version of this is taught, called "Stature of the Crane" or sometimes "Statue..."

    I'm not a big fan of it.

    it does seem to require a higher level of agility than the forms I already have learned. SO maybe my balance is getting better as I practice it :shrug:

    But what does it teach that none of my other forms teach?
    One applicaiton is a throw known in Judo as Kata Gurama
    But it really feels like, at least the SKK version, is fancied-up for performance more so than fighting applicaiton.
    maybe over time I will learn differently. I've watched lots of older versions that look less like demonstation and more like fighting.

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