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Thread: Kosho Ryu and China

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Kai
    Kosho-Koan-Korei-Kogen-Kaika were all early Emperor's of Japan.
    Starting with number 5 being Kosho and number 9 being Kaika

    I do'nt get it
    Hi The Kai,

    It means (legend has it) there were 4 Emperors, prior to Kosho who was #5 the simularity is in the 4 that have a name starting with Ko- then it went to Kaika who was the ninth. Then the name's change. I was just relating to the Ko part and the Kai part. If we were to look into it and read the radical they could be similar or they could be different.

    As I explained there are many ways of interpretaion, it has to do with the radical and it is important to be able to understand that.

    The Chinese have different dialects to speak the word but they all understand what the writing means because they use the same writing throughout China.

    Regards, Gary

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    Default Re: Kosho Ryu and China

    Interesting thread. I think one person early on asked a great question when he wondered what Mr. Juchnik brought to his expression of Kosho. Not counting what I would call minor influences, Mr. Juchnik has made a rather involved study of:

    Tracy Kenpo Karate
    Serrada Escrima
    Qi Lin Pai Quan Fa
    Kuntao Silat de Thouars

    Now he has experience / skill in a myriad of other arts, but if you take those arts and their expressions of their inherent principles etc. - it's not a far leap to what Mr. Juchnik does today. Perhaps Mitose clued him into a purely conceptual approach and Mr. Juchnik had the background and the tools to make it work. As far as the history of Kosho Shorei Ryu, I have yet to see anything believable about it. Mr. Mike Brown, last time I checked, claims to have historical evidence to validate what Mitose claimed. But I have yet to see it. Besides, how do you trace the veracity of the historical claims of an art that only exists as a set of principles and concepts? Just my .02 worth.

    -wes tasker

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