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    How do you teach a technique so that the student gets the maximum benefit from their effort?

    I find it beneficial to both students (defender and the uke) to break a technique down into 3 stages of execution:

    stage 1: Utilizes embryonic moves. The attack and the execution of techniqe is slow and methodical. The uke attacks slowly allowing the defender to focus on proper body mechanics and execution of technique. The uke is responsible for responding realisticly and logically to the defenders counter attack. The techniqe is perfomed in this manner a minimum of 20 reps.

    stage 2: Turn up the heat a bit. This time around we execute the moves at what you may consider 1/2 speed. The uke is responsible for going for the "target" but if they connect it would simply be a "tap" causing little or no actual damage. Some lower ranking students prefer to wear protection at this stage as they are still not as adept at self-control. =) Likewise, the defender should be executing adequate force to coerce the uke to react accordingly in order to set up the desired follow ups. Again, at least 20 reps.

    stage 3: Crank it up a bit more. During the final stage we execute the attack and defense at 3/4 speed. Again, some may require or feel better about using pads and headgear. At this stage we also encourage the defending student to use 2 additional moves anywhere in the technique. (Equation Formula) This gets them actively thinking about recognizing targets as they become exposed, teaches grafting, and encourages spontaneity. 20 reps.

    Other benefits?

    You've just done the technique 60 times! Repetition is the key to building muscle memory. "Using Stage 1" helps ensure proper body mechanics and execution once the student reaches a spontaneous stage of execution.

    You're teaching the student HOW to think versus WHAT to think. A student that can think for themselves will be more adept at defending themselves and also at teaching (if they decide to eventually do so.)

    They're learning to graft as well as other concepts related to the Equation Formula.

    I'm sure there's lots more....but you get the idea..right? =)

    How does this differ from you approach to teaching or learning a technique?
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    Default Re: Maximum Results

    great suggestion. Repetition is very important.
    Quality outweighs quantity every time.

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