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Thread: RE:Michael Miller's Article in July's "Inside Kung Fu" Magazine

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    Default RE:Michael Miller's Article in July's "Inside Kung Fu" Magazine

    Hi folks!
    I purchased this issue and read Mr. Miller's Article "honor thy father" and had to comment on a innaccurate statement.
    In the article,Mr. Miller states that "When Parker died, so did the IKKA".
    This particular point needs to be clarified.
    After Mr. Parker's death, the Parker Family,lead by his widow, Margarit Leilani Parker, strived to keep his memory and the art he created alive. They worked to continue his tournament , The International Karate Championships alive and focused on keeping the IKKA alive through those who willingly chose to stay in the association that Ed Parker himself had founded. Rather than creating their own groups,These kenpoists strived to perpectuate Mr. Parker's memory & material as it was created by him during his lifespan. The IKKA continued to exist until April 2004:14 years after Mr. Parker's untimely death. I stayed with the IKKA because of a personal promise I made to Mr. Parker and kept to that promise until the IKKA was no longer in existance.
    I understand how to many,they feel that when the man died the organization died with him. But, as the symbol for the IKC itself stands for,There were others who chose to "keep the flame burning" by staying in the International Kenpo Karate Association.
    Thank you for your time,
    Joseph P. Rebelo II
    PS: Mr. Miller also states that the "Chinese Kenpo Federation" is a front runner of organizations. I'm sure he was actually refering to the "Chinese Karate Federation".
    "The truth, no matter who it hurts, is still the truth!"

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    Default Re: Michael Miller's Article in July's "Inside Kung Fu" Magazine

    way to go Joe,
    " Resolve to be tender with the young,compassionate with the aged,sympathetic with the striving,tolerant with the weak and wrong..... Because sometime in your life you will have been all of these"

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    Default Re: Michael Miller's Article in July's "Inside Kung Fu" Magazine

    It never ceases to amaze me that since Edmund K. Parker's death there are so many people, like the Michael Millers, and a number of the other "seniors", who went out of their way to create revisionist history and newer and ever higher birthrights, simply by saying it.

    I would like to suggest, at the risk of sounding isolationist, that if you have an article by someone who wasn't first gen, or right there as second gen, that you take most of these "facts"with a grain of salt and a pound of epicac. As we move further away on the time line, there will be many folkls who will continue to try and make themselves much more authoritative, and important than they really are/were.

    Good job Joe.

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