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Thread: Kenpo Karate amongst OTHER Invitation

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    Default Kenpo Karate amongst OTHER Invitation

    Though the mass majority of people here on KenpoTalk are in Kenpo and in love with Kenpo Karate, many (like our founder, Mr. Parker) realize the worth and value of other systems. Many Kenpo groups have included elements from other arts or systems. Mr. Planas and his students have found great value in the Filipino martial arts. Mr. German and other like him have spliced in some grappling, like in Jujutsu or Chin-Na, into their Kenpo Karate. Many members on KenpoTalk cross train, such as Seig & Tess in Jujutsu, Miyu & Bob in the FMA, Pete in the Chinese Internal systems, BDParsons with Hapkido, DOC with his experience in the Chinese arts with Master Wong...etc. etc.

    Here's my invitation: Create a thread here in the "Kenpo General" where you can put forth your ideas, the value you find in adding these other arts to American Kenpo. What's been the result of your cross training? Give us a comparison/contrast between what the other art(s) has to offer as compared to Kenpo. How well do they "Blend" and why? How do they compliment and/or compensate w/ Kenpo? Tell us about your experience along YOUR path.

    As Mr. Parker was aware, Comparative annalysis, and the appreciation of what other arts have to offer, can lead to Many insights. Perhaps we can pass these insights around here in the threads you create.

    I know that not all will agree. That's a given in forums such as this, especially when bringing up "Hey....I do something that's not Kenpo." But maybe those who wish to take issue with this 'cross-training' or "combining" mindset can create their own threads, discussing why they feel the way they do. Put forth their rationale for NOT doing it this way. That way those with whom they differ can feel free to fully disclose their thoughts. IF you want to take issue, of course that's ok. But please: respect everyone. Above all, lets just be tolerant of others points of view. That doesn't mean we can'd disagree.

    I hope this leads to some realy good, enlightening/informative, discussions.

    Your Brother

    PS: Although I'm mostly addressing this toward people who can trace their arts roots back to the brain-child of Ed Parker, anyone from any other branch of the "Kenpo/Kempo" world is more than welcome to chime in with their thoughts, ideas and experiences too!
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