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Thread: Horse Stance at the Circus

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    Default Horse Stance at the Circus

    I did something I have never willingly done before. I missed a Kenpo class for reasons entirely in my control. I took my family to the circus.

    My highlight was watching the "Strong Woman!"

    There she stood - I immediately noticed something familiar but somewhat out of place. I must be feeling guilty about missing Kenpo because I was evaluating everything in light of structural integrity. That's when I saw the horse stance.

    I know there are a limited number of positions to stand in - but why was she doing a Kenpo stance on stage - that is when the bodies began to fly. They came at her one at a time - leaping onto her. There she stood holding 6 other people in a horse stance.

    I was able to spend some time with her later. She had no pain. She had no MA training. She was a gymnast. That was where she learned about structural integrity.

    I called by instructor as soon as I could to let him know of my experience. His words, "I guess your gonna be working on that horse stance now."

    You bet.
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    Default Re: Horse Stance at the Circus

    cool :-)

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    Default Re: Horse Stance at the Circus

    You bet'cha! Good observation.
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    Default Re: Horse Stance at the Circus


    We do an exercise called monkey bars. You stand in a horse stance with your arms out to the side. Another person (usually small or a kid) climbs up and has to travel all the way around you. Nothing like load balancing to make sure your stance is strong.
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