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Thread: What I love about my school

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    Default What I love about my school

    I spent some time complaining about only being able to train twice a week at my current school a while back. So I think I should go on and list all of the great things about my school.

    1. My Sensei is a great teacher. He explains things well to each person at their level. He knows that I am as interested in the theory behind the art, so he takes extra time with me discussing the theory.

    2. The students are all supportive of each other. The urge everyone else on and have a close comraderie.

    3. After class before closing, there's a handful of students who get on the mat and practice. Sometimes it is re-working the nights lessons, learning the next form, doing stick work for Arnis, learning a new kick, or just messing around.

    4. At least once a month, the school or a student at the school has a picnic/party for the students and their families. This helps the family to get involved and meet the people you train with and their family.

    That's about all for now. I'm sure there's more, but I can't think of it right now.

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    Default Re: What I love about my school

    Sounds like a great place!

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    Default Re: What I love about my school

    Now that's the right mindset to have. Very positive.
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    Default Re: What I love about my school

    Sounds like a great place to train. Like yourself I'm grateful to train where I train. There are no egos and I am sourrounded by good people.
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