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    Default Re: Grading

    Just a couple of questions. When you test for your grade, are you allowed any "margin for error", so if you made a small mistake for example.

    Also when a testing panel are grading you what specifically are the looking for.

    I just wanted to know more about the testing process, like what you do, what they look for and how your graded.

    any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

    many thanks!

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    Default Re: Grading

    Any answers you get here may vary from the criteria of the person who is testing you. You should ask your instructor these questions before or after class. It's fair that you be given an idea of the type of performance that is expected of you.

    In my school, there is a margin for errors that narrows with each successive belt test. It's not a number or something that's written in stone. The idea is that the student should be able to perform their material with a level of ability and understanding that shows they're ready to move on.

    I don't have any advice for testing panels in particular, but these are some general points for any belt test:

    Pay attention at all times
    Remember to keep breathing
    Believe in yourself

    DO NOT:
    Yawn, talk to classmates, or show any disrespect to who is testing you
    Stop in the middle of what you're doing if you make a mistake
    Let your mind dwell on any mistakes you make

    Good luck!

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    Default Re: Grading

    Always do your best,
    Always know you can do better,
    Always know you will make a mistake,
    Always know the testing board has been in your shoes and made their mistakes,
    Always know they belive you can do it are they wouldnt be there,
    Always know that no one is a robot,and executes the material the same as the person beside them.
    Brad Marshall SP

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    Default Re: Grading

    All the things Sentinel and Brad Marshal brought up.

    I have found that many people taking a test for the first time do not always listen to what the instructor is asking them to do. They often get anxous and start to respond before they hear the whole question. Also do not stop in the middle of a kata or a technique. That is a big NO-NO!! If you make a mistake just continue on. Don't start a kata and make a mistake and stop or restart or get that funny look on your face . Try to gloss over any mistake and continue on. Your instructor knows that you know the materiel or he wouldn't be allowing you to test. He also knows that you are nervious and will make a few mistakes. If he thinks you need to do a kata or technique over he will tell you

    GOOD LUCK!!!

    I am most Respectfully,

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