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Thread: On making a living with Kenpo

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    Default On making a living with Kenpo

    Hello all:
    I'ved made a living most of my adult life teaching Kenpo, at one time in the late 70s and early 80s I had schools in three states. I closed my last school in Pacific Grove, California about 92. Until two weeks ago I made a living from a Fitness Studio and of course the martial arts, about 24 students. I was looking at my bottom line one night and realized I could double my income by bringing in more weight lifting equipment...Sooooooo I am now down to teaching private students, WOW, big change. I'm haveing withdrawls.
    Question: How many of you out there make a living off teaching Martial arts/Kenpo?
    I'll be re-grouping this year, looking for space and looking for those hungry students who will drive into the mountains where I live for a weekly lesson.


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    Default Re: On making a living with Kenpo

    I owned 2 commercial studios in the early 90's ... tough business today. I sold them to a buddy who continues to operate and he makes a great living.

    I enjoy teaching private students. You can dedicate time to fixing one person instead of 30 in a class.

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    Default Re: On making a living with Kenpo

    Hello Kit,

    Because you had made the statement “making a living” as opposed to keeping a school open (e.g. covering the operating costs) and the fact you had stated will be choosing a “mountain location” my question back to you is one to help clarify your objective for us – will this be a commercial for profit endeavor?
    John McPartland

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