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    Default Hitch Hiker

    I picked up a hitch hiker the other day - I do that. I don't intend to stop. I believe I should try to meet urgent needs. A number of scriptures come to mind. If I get a bad vibe as I approach I keep going.

    The experience made me think. What would I do if someone were sitting next to me and I needed to defend myself.

    Immediate scenarios of intensionally wrecking the car come to mind - I do have the larger environmental weapon. I suppose just letting myself be car jacked is an option - I don't care much for that one.

    Then there is the weapon used by the attacker. I have a hand on the steering wheel. I have one hand with a host of natural weapons that will be limited by a host of combat multipiers.

    Thoughts, any good books or articles?


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    Default Re: Hitch Hiker

    That whole scenario freaks me out. I have always been tought to never accept a ride from someone I didn't know, and never ever stop to help someone on the side of the road. I am a single mom with three kids and really don't know what to do if it was me who was on the side of the road. Guess that is what my concealed weapon is for. But, in my case I have to be worried that someone will take it from me and use it on me.

    I like the idea of using your car as a weapon, but is there a right way to do it to no suffer major injury to yourself while disabling your attacker?
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    Default Re: Hitch Hiker

    If they are already in the car I don't see how it can be used as a weapon? As far as defending yourself while driving. I think you are very limited, but not shutdown. I think having a "weapon" readily available would be advantageous. Maybe something like a screw driver,or fixed blade of some sort hidden at, or near the driver's door. I applaud your desire to help those in need, and pray that The Lord Jesus keeps you safe in your endeavor to do so.


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    Default Re: Hitch Hiker

    I never used to pick up hitch hikers until I had to be one myself once. Everyone I've picked up since has always been reasonable (young hippy couples going down the coast from Rainbow gatherings, etc.). Still, I won't do it if I'm with my girlfriend or anyone else whose safety I must consider. I've thought many times about the self defense aspect of it, and will take precautions before they get in (reading them, move my gun (if I have it) to the left of me or far behind their seat, insist they wear a seat belt, etc.). Bear in mind they are just about as limited as you are.

    Interesting topic,

    Steven Brown

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    Default Re: Hitch Hiker

    The best defense is to simply not pick them up. It's one of the oldest ruses in the book since the invention of the horseless carriage.

    It's natural for civilized folk to want to help their fellow man, but unfortunately the bad guys know this and will take advantage of it.

    Back around '93 I had a fella' try to carjack me. He got about half way into my car before I laid the barrel of a .38 on the bridge of his nose. He promptly left my vehicle. Needless to say, I've locked my doors ever since.
    "It is sobering to reflect that one of the best ways to get yourself a reputation as a dangerous citizen these days is to go about repeating the very phrases which our founding fathers used in the struggle for independence." Charles A. Beard

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    Default Re: Hitch Hiker

    Well, you can still use the car as a weapon, even if they're in it. If you're completely convinced that this is a life or death situation, you can stage a hit on their side...either by pulling out into oncoming traffic, or by powersliding into a stationary object.

    If you've got a weapon and need the chance to use it...deliberately let the passenger side of the vehicle brush against another object, such as a gaurdrail or another vehicle...they will almost certainly turn and look at that object to decide if they're in danger or not...that would be your chance to deploy YOUR weapon...knife, screwdriver, gun, etc... Remember that using YOUR weapon doesn't mean that they can't use theirs...have a plan for dealing with that as well. (Parry/pin their gun with your right hand, and pivot and stab with your left, for example)

    The screwdriver is a GREAT idea. You rarely get in trouble for having one laying around almost anywhere in your car, but its an effective stabbing tool. A knife or gun often causes suspiscion that you planned the event to happen.

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    Default Re: Hitch Hiker

    this should be something to practice with a partner.. get in your car. etc.. you have all sorts of scenarios possible.. if their arm is extended, you can bend it (the elbow) against the back of their chair.. (ouch).. or against the arm rest. making sure you dont just keep going.. i would stop in a public area.. what good is killing you going to do, out in the open (stop at a gas station, or other camera oriented area). they're bound to be spotted.

    if they wanted you dead, they'd have killed you and driven themselves..

    i dont know what you mean by multiple attackers.. unless you're fighting circus midgets..

    its one thing iv wanted to work with a partner is car situations.. and narrow environments (like a bathroom stall or alley way). if i ever have students someday. this will be a subject i intend on covering.
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    Default Re: Hitch Hiker

    This is one that you should practice in scenario training. I did some of it a few years ago. It is an environment that you are not used to fighting in, so you need to practice to be effective.

    You have some advantages. Your attacker is not used to fighting in this environment, either. If outside, his access to you is limmited if you've taken some precautions. Doors locked and windows up. Even if yours is down, or if he broke it, you know exactly where his attack will come from.

    If inside, his environment is as confined as yours. His base and posture are compromised by the environment as well. If both are wearing seatbelts, motion is severly limmited. But, if you train, you find you can increase mobility by spinning in your seat. Quick forward or lateral movment will cause the belt to lock and jerk you. Let him deal with that as you spin, kick and hit the release.

    Car as a weapon is simple. If he reaches in, pin his arm as you drive off, if possible. If you are driving, you get to choose which side of the car, and what point on the car, collides with a handy pole. You also know what maneuvers the car is about to suddenly do and the likely effects on his ballance.

    Play with it and get creative. It's fun.

    Dan C
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    Default Re: Hitch Hiker

    This reminds me of a story that was told to me when I was teenager.

    First one involved a friend of mine when he was a teenager in the 60's. A guy tried to pick a fight with him and tried to punch him through the open window of his car. He shifted slightly away grabbed the wrist and the elbow and proceed to pull and push the arm a couple of times. End result.. some broken teeth, I don't remeber if the jaw got fractured or not. Face + Cab = Losing Situation.
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