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Thread: How open are you to change?

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    Default Re: How open are you to change?

    Quote Originally Posted by ATACX GYM View Post
    sorry for the double post but the second post contained more of what I wanted to say...

    I believe that the OP had implicit in its position a change for the better. Even if the change doesn't necessarily IMPROVE upon the previous techniques, the mental exercises of changing may in and of itself keep ourselves suitably mentally flexible and suitably open to change which WILL result in positive change.

    So. "How many of us are open and willing to put aside our pre-concived views of the material we have learned over the years, in order tochange the application a the material?"

    Almost none of us are. Despite whatever sincere sounding platitudes that we mouth to the contrary. I have proven I am. And look at the response that I and other renegades like me elicit.

    "Do we debate the techinques to validate our views, or do we spend time trying to apply someones perspective before we disgard it or add it to our knowlege base?"

    ---I and Rob are literally the only ones who have done such a thing and put it on video. We have read someone else's position, engaged that person in dialogue, had our interest and/or skepticism piqued, tried it out repeatedly, filmed it, reported our findings. 100% of our critics have nnneeeeveeeer done such a thing with us. Not even Clyde.

    "I know it took many years of training before I even considered that their may be another way of doing a move. I also know how hard it is to break the bio-mechanical movement I have learned."

    ---I think that you should be lauded for being open minded enough to open this thread and for considering the questions that you've considered. Most others have taken the comfort level they've received by doing such a thing in a specific way [ their way ] and not only translated it as THEE way but are hostile to other ways...merely because it's not what they're currently doing. Regardless if the other ways are proveably better or not.
    SMDH!... lol , Ras man you need to quit... i swear man you kill me, Kenpo talk is not the know all be all of kenpo.. I myself dont need my views validated by kenpotalk, and you and Rob are not the only kenpoist to have worked out ideas or took a different perspective approch when it comes to working kenpo theory.

    "Someone here could have decoded the genome of martial arts and distilled it to it's mathematical perfection... for them. Tell me I am wrong for my thinking in a forum and I will happily mock you for your assumed understanding. Enjoying every moment of picking apart your assumptions, mock and call out all those who follow you with out question, and hold nothing but distaste for your and their lack of will. Show me how it applies with variables and I will accept it if it truly is more effective, if not, then perhaps with the interaction you will come away with a better understanding of what you thought was the correct way."--bunny

    without the mocking, you have largely described a Kenpo Lab...which is what I've been championing since my first few posts onsite.

    HAHAHAH! Ras..Ras..Ras, I have to give it to ya.. you do try.. trying to coin all of you phrases. Dude your not Bruce Lee.. or Mr Parker, you dont have the knowledge or understanding of American Kenpo to even be close. Your so called Kenpo Lab Training paradigm is nothing special in fact its half assed and lazy... your to caught up in trying to be creative and short cut everything.
    Others on here may be buying the B.S your selling "I'm not" your doing nothing the majority of the crappy kenpo out there trying to sell DVD's...

    If you really are willing to change.. drop your ego and the half ass kenpo your doing and go join a quality American Kenpo school, or ****! you can give me a call i'll unbrainwash you and change you real fast. Asking the Doc's a question or getting schooled on some history that you was misinformed about is not changing... thats information you simply did not know.

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    Default Re: How open are you to change?

    I dont change anything... i still wear the same socks and underwear since highschool and my tooth brush has only 7 brissels left... lol

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    Default Re: How open are you to change?

    Quote Originally Posted by Combatkenpo View Post
    I dont change anything... i still wear the same socks and underwear since highschool and my tooth brush has only 7 brissels left... lol
    That's why it's a tooth brush and not a Teeth brush...
    "Do you have any bactine? Some of this blood is mine."

    "Dear Die-ary, today I stuffed some dolls full of dead rats I put in the blender. I'm wondering if, maybe, there really is something wrong with me."


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