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Thread: Time spent in class

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    Default Time spent in class

    What is the time spent per class doing forms, self defense techniques, sparring, bag work (if you do that), ect. Different emphasis of certain things on different days? Which is most valuble to you? Does the instructor or you as the instructor explain why things are done this way? Or is your class time somewhat spontanious, moving between things on a common connection (i.e. working a form then the self defense techniques in the form)? Is there any point in which the class is unstructured an allows for students to explore things on their own?
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    Default Re: Time spent in class

    It depends on what my instructor wants us to cover that week. There's no "official" schedule of what topics will be covered on what weeks (to my knowledge). When it's "Forms Week" we review basics & then work on Forms or Sets. When it's "Techniques Week" we usually go over basics & then split into groups (according to rank) & work on or learn techniques, depending on each student's progress. Saturday is usually an "informal" class & we often get to choose what we would like to work on. However, if the instructor has a particular "game plan" that day (which ocassionally happens), we go with that.

    If there's something that I personally want to review & we didn't have time to get to it during class, I try to practice it on my own.
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    Default Re: Time spent in class

    In our studio we have a class for every group (white/yellow; Orange/purple/blue; green/brown) every day. the curriculum set up on a rotation so that monday's and tuesday's classes focus on basics, techniques, and drills related to the techniques. Wednesday's and Thursday's classes focus on Sets, Forms, and spontaneous drills.

    Tuesday night after the last group class, we have a sparring class that's open to anyone. Thursday night is BJJ/groundfighting night which is also open to everyone.

    We also have an all-ranks class on Friday nights that focuses on reality-based "street" self-defense; and a class on Saturday called the "sweat-class" because the instructor basically runs everybody into the ground with drills and cardio stuff.

    Most students show up 30 minutes to an hour before class for "open-workout" time during which they can work whatever they want.
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    Default Re: Time spent in class

    We tend to break the classes into conditioning, kata and techniques. Sparring is on Friday nights.

    What that ends up meaning for me is that I don't get to spar much. We only seem to do sparring on nights I can't make it, so I'm going to have to find times during the day or something to make it in.

    It's hard to fit it all in. Kenpo has so much to offer.


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    Default Re: Time spent in class

    I like to spend the 1st half on review and the second on review and the 2nd half on the new.

    just a general guideline...not a rule.

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