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Thread: The Benefits of Being the Odd One Out

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    Default The Benefits of Being the Odd One Out

    Let's keep this simple.

    Those who have been suprised by the great human achievements of history, have been the naysayers-too busy feeling threatened by those around them to develope their own internal experience. Yet those same people claim to be sworn desciples later. Their benefits are as much as what they give.

    This internal experience leads to awareness. Which in turn allows for the full potential of life force to be drawn upon. Some are born with the inertia to develop that awareness naturally, and some are thrown into near death experience which changes their perceptions forever forcing development. The martial arts master has developed this internal awareness and freed himself from the fear of his opponent's attack, he has become centered physically, mentally and spiritually. When this part of the human experiance is utilized records are broken, great feats are possible.

    Thank you for your colorful responses on the recent post on kenpo metaphysics.

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    Default Re: The Benefits of Being the Odd One Out

    not bad...but, actually he has not only freed himself of the fear but also remains connected to the opponent's intention.
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