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Thread: Your Kenpo Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

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    Default Your Kenpo Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

    This is not a question of what you have seen the art do in the past, where it is now, and where it is heading. Instead I want to know what your kenpo was like when you were training half as long as you have been to date. Where do you see your kenpo now inrelationship to then, and lastly where to you see your Kenpo in number of years from now that equal your past training number.

    For me my past would be 13 yrs, my present is 26 yrs, and my future would be 39 yrs of training. So sheare what your kenpo was like back, then, what it is like now, and where do you see yourself in the future.
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    Default Re: Your Kenpo Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

    I was fascinated with it then, I'm still fascinated with it now, and I fully expect to continue to be fascinated with it well into the least until my body will no longer work.

    "Back Then" I was more concentrated on speed and how many times I could hit something in under 3 seconds. LOL. I admit, I have to chuckle at that now. It was a bit immature of me. I would look to the more advanced students and the techniques they were doing and become impatient to learn them.

    "Now" I've actually looked back instead of forward. I've revisited those earlier techniques that I coveted so badly and struggled to learn and realized that I had not focused as much on the basics as I should have. So, I revisited the basics! I feel that my basics are now better than ever, but understand that I must constantly keep them in mind along with the applied principles during practice in order to be proficient and continue to improve.

    "The Future?" Who knows? I hope to continue to learn, evolve, and become better than I am today. Not only in the physical sense, but the mental, and spiritual as well.
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