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    I just wanted to see if any of you have had this happen. In my workout today I had my brothers help me out, they do not know Kenpo but they where willing to help me run my techniques. At first I was telling them how to attack me,( I had to tell them to step there punch or where and how to grab me) but then I was thinking do or will I tell the attacker this. Then I just let them go and the techniques worked out just like they should have. I think what I'm getting at is when did you or have you hit this point? How did you feel and what has it done for you?
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    AWSOME subject man, i just started trainning in Kenpo and for the record love it.but i did have some concerns about moving in such a set manner. I before mostly played with jeet kune do , wich for the record is a world away just in stances alon from its been in the back of my mind as well even down to the stances of how "alive" and "effective" they can be. I believe if i train the system and stay with the prcess it will unfold with light and i will see how all of it works to gether and is complete.but i am with you on hearing from folks who have already figured theses things out.great question..what about when they throw from where your not telling them to ? does kenpo unfold into spontenaity and allow for quick effective movements? also alot of attacks that are trained are off of 1 punch/kick at a time and we all know that in real there will be 1 right after another and from every wild angle,my thoughts as of now are that Kenpo is laying a foundation a template a design to show movement /ideas and concepts of combat and i hope the result is becoming fluid and totally spontaniously effective. looking forward to reading this one out ! good question in my opinion

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    Being as most of us don't train in "Rex-Kwon-Do" this is wholey appropriate!

    I realized early on that Kenpo wokrs very well with subjects that don't know what's coming. LOL. That's why I continued to study it!!!!

    There are times in our classes that lower belt levels pad up and act as uke. That way we can make contact and assess the effectiveness of techniques against actual reactions. If you've never done this, I suggest you try it. There's a big difference between doing techniques in the air, or against a willing opponent and executing them "street speed" against someone not familiar with the technique. It's "eye-opening."
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