I have a question about one of the Kenpo 5.0 patches. The patch is worn on the right arm, and two chinese characters are visible over a background image of what looks like a tiger claw print. Does anyone know what the 2 characters mean? The reason I ask is that I can't seem to find the second of the two characters in any of my dictionaries. I study Mandarin as a hobby so here's what I think the 2 characters are trying to say:

誠實 These characters are written in Traditional Chinese and mean honesty.

诚实 These characters mean the exact same thing as the above two, except that they are written in Simplified Chinese, which is the form used in Mainland China.

If anyone has a Kenpo 5.0 patch and can look up the second character, you'll see that it doesn't really resemble either of the above possibilities.

My guess? I think the two characters mean honesty, and the second character is trying to use the simplified form, but the actual strokes got "lost in translation!" Also, my experience is that you usually don't mix Traditional and Simplified characters together, you pick one system and stick with it.

If there are any Mandarin speakers out there, perhaps you could help clarify.