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Thread: Personal/Custom Techniques

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    Default Personal/Custom Techniques

    I was curious to see how many of you have a "personal" or "custom" technique(s) you might be willing to share.

    Tailoring is a major concept employed by Kenpo. Everyone has a "personal" spin or touch about how they execute a defense based on personal experience, body type, other training, etc. Often, these will reflect a bit about the person executing them.

    I know that I have "busted out" with some things during practice, sparring, or running the line that were not "by the book" and I felt that some were worth writing down for posterity. I was wondering if anyone else had done the same.
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    Default Re: Personal/Custom Techniques

    I improv alot of endings to techniques just to show the students that nothing is set in stone. I do not have any that that I have stuck to as a "personal technique" though. What ever is open I hit lol.
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    Default Re: Personal/Custom Techniques

    Okay ... here's some thoughts ...

    One simple method of checking your stuff, is at the end of the prescribed technique, "add a move". What position are you in? What position is the aggressor in? What available move can be executed according to the rules and principles of motion?

    I attended one of Mr. Planas' Instructor classes a few months back. He brought this point home throughout the Yellow belt chart we were working. One of my favorites was at the end of Mace of Aggression, just add another snapping outward elbow - Bam Bam - you can elbow the bad guy across the room.

    More recently, in a private lesson with Mr. Planas, I brought up an assignment for my upcoming black belt test. I wanted to know the roots of the 'Personal Form' requirement, and how to apply those original roots into my Black Belt Personal Form. Mr. Planas was not terribly forthcoming on information. If I can paraphrase what he told me, it boiled down to - "Don't Show me What I Already know. Show me what you have learned."

    The guidance I received was not to just string together a sequence of existing techniques, because the instructors already know those techniques. I was instructed to put my knowledge and understanding into a form. I pressed Mr. Planas futher - "How original can it be?" - and he said, it really can't be original. The existing techniques have it covered.

    (Again - that is horribly paraphrased)

    So, as I begin my Black Belt Personal Form, let me put these instructions into practice.

    From my attention stance, my first self defense move is going to be against an attacker at 12:00 O'clock - throwing a right step through punch, at my face.

    I can step back, or I can step forward, or I can stand in place.
    I can move to the inside of the attack, or I can move to the outside of the attack.
    I can block the attack, or I can parry the attack, or I can evade the attack.

    Well, don't we do all of those things in the 150 some odd (or even) techniques? Is there any base move that I can take, that is not covered in our techniques?

    In my form, I chose to Step up with my left, executing a left inward parry, against that right step through punch. All of a sudden, I find myself in 'Thundering Hammers'. I didn't plan that. I don't want to use a prescribed technique, but that's where I am. Sure there are other moves I can make, but, they are variations of Thundering Hammers too - aren't they? Sleeper, Circling the Horizon, Flashing Wings.

    The more I played with the personal form, the more I ended up with the Equation Formula on existing techniques. A tweek here, a pivot there .... but, it is pretty difficult to find something that is not covered in those techniques. I think.

    Ask me the same question again, in another 6 years.

    Thanks for listening.


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    Default Re: Personal/Custom Techniques

    Quote Originally Posted by Celtic_Crippler View Post
    I was curious to see how many of you have a "personal" or "custom" technique(s) you might be willing to share.

    Tailoring is a major concept employed by Kenpo.
    We used to have to make our own techniques in my first school. I didn't write them down, but I never lost the love of "playing" with this. I enjoy working out with other systems and taking their stuff, kenpoizing it and making techniques out of it. See if I can remember one:

    Tae Kwon Do One Step- challenger throws a right straight punch.

    Right foot forward to a right back stance with right inward block to forearm, left chambers at hip.

    Right fist chambers at left ear, then snaps forward to strike temple, then returns to chamber.

    Right foot steps out to a right front stance, right fist then goes to chamber at the right hip as the left reverse punches his nose.

    The Kenpoized Defense- dummy steps forward with a right straight punch

    Right foot forward to a right neutral bow, right knee checks his right knee, right inward block to punch, left hand checks off right shoulder.

    Pivot into right forward bow as right backfist whips to his right ribs and follows throughto right hip and simultaneouse left vertical thrust to his nose, driving his head back.

    Pivot into a right neutral bow with a right inverted punch to his lower abdomen.

    From there, graft five swords.

    Dan C
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    Default Re: Personal/Custom Techniques

    Not really techniques but here are a few things I like to do/add when possible.

    one is to add a foot-trap and a push at the end of a technique. by stepping on their foot and pushing on their weak-line, you're taking away their ability to "catch" themselves. They usually fall to the ground and if you're still stepping on their foot it's bye bye ankle.
    This can also be done in conjunction with an arm-bar. For example, in a tech. like Crossing Talon, when you do the arm-bar many people will try to stabilize themselves by placing their left hand on the floor. Simply step on that hand and lean into them a little. When they fall it's bye bye wrist.

    Another little bonus shot I add a lot is, anytime you have a pulling-sweep as you cover out, do the sweep, then do a side-kick to the now-extended leg to take out the knee.

    I know...I'm vicious
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