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Thread: Use of Training equipment

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    Default Use of Training equipment

    We recently moved our school to a new building where we share space with a martial arts instructor who teaches a Jujutsu blend (not just grappling in other words) and he's been collecting training equipment for some time, anticipating the gym that we now have. The amount of training equipment is GREAT!!! There's a "BOB", another hanging dummy bag (black, w/arms and legs, head & torso), wing-chun dummy, several punching bags, focus mits, kicking pads, thai-pads, kicking shields, speed bag, double ended speed bag, medicine ball, a 'Swiss' ball, padded sticks, an upper cut bag....etc. etc. I'm sure I'm missing stuff in this list. There's a LOT of stuff.

    SO: What I'm looking for is either ideas, or book that will give me ideas, on creative/innovative way to make the best use of these tools in our Kenpo training.
    ANY ideas or BOOK TITTLES are welcome!!!!

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    Default Re: Use of Training equipment

    Circuit training is great when you have a variety of equipment. Students go from one apparatus to another, a great way to get the most of your equipment.
    Quality outweighs quantity every time.

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