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    Default Crossroads

    Recently it dawned on me that I hit a crossroads in my Kenpo training. It just clicked in class last Thursday. After class I found that I turned the corner. It's almost bitter sweet. For the longest time I held on to my previous training. I always felt a need to justify training in EPAK by finding similar things in my previous art(s). But on that night things started to make sense. Techniques, forms, basics all started to just fit or click into place. It started to fill in spaces in holes I found in my previous systems. After discussions with my instructor and wife over the weekend I found that my passion for EPAK has far surpassed that of my previous arts. I came to the conclusion that I would catalog my knowledge in my internal martial arts dictionary and move forward in EPAK without looking back or looking to justify my new art.
    I'm curious to see if there are others out there who came from other systems / arts to which ever flavor of Kenpo / Kempo you desire to study who had a similar transition.


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    Default Re: Crossroads

    Yes, I have been there. I came to Kenpo as a black belt. First I was PO'd because I thought I had wasted time in another art. But, then I looked at it as a good foundation and looked forward to learning the Kenpo principles and continued learning.
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