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Thread: Dream Seminar

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    Default Dream Seminar

    Here's the scenario:
    You get to attend a Kenpo/Kempo Seminar where all the Kenpo/Kempo seniors and notables are in attendance.

    Here's the rub:
    Even though you will get to train with anyone you want, you can only pick one thing for them to teach you.

    Here's the question:
    What would that one thing be, and whose insights would you want on it?
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    Default Re: Dream Seminar

    doc... and i would like to go indepth on the nerve strikes

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    Default Re: Dream Seminar

    I respectfully submit Huk Planas. We would probably work on Form 4. Although, that is a bit ambitious. We might need three or four seminars to adequately begin covering the form.

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    Default Re: Dream Seminar

    I'm admittedly biased toward Mr. Paul Mills.
    I think at this point, I'd want to make sure my basics were okay. I do want to learn the club material, but, like I said, if I could take any one thing away from a lesson with a master, the basics would be paramount.

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    Default Re: Dream Seminar

    Very tough decision. I don't even know if I'm done making up my mind but i didn't want to take too long to decide so i'll go with my initial thought. I would also like to go through the basics but I think I would request Mr. Larry Tatum. He just seems like he would be a phenomenal instructor.
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    Default Re: Dream Seminar

    I think I'd want Ed Parker Sr.

    I figure that since this is a dream seminar, that it's hypothetical and if it's hypothetical, then I can have Ed Parker Sr. if I want. And I'd want to hear anything he would care to teach. I'd likely learn something amazing.

    If not, I'd like Mike Lambert. But it's not a dream -- it's real. At camp in Vegas in a few short weeks.

    And there will be more. God I love camps.

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