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Thread: A BIG Thank You!

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    Default A BIG Thank You!

    On behalf of my instructor as well as myself, I would like to say thanks to the Triangle Kenpo Institute, the members of the IKCA, bdparsons, Katsudo Karate & Pals , and most of all Vic LeRoux!

    The man is awesome...there's nothing else you can say. He's an awesome Kenpoist, an awesome storyteller, an awesome instructor, an awesome purveyer of, he's just an all around awesome guy and so are all the IKCA folks we met in Raleigh this weekend. Thanks for making us feel at home!

    I'm beat from the 6 hour drive up and the 7 hour drive back the next day (we got lost..heh..) but I would do it again in a heartbeat. I learned some great stuff and met some great folks!

    It's 2:25AM and I've only been home about an hour and a half (last hour spent on the IKCA ) but I can't sleep because I'm trying to digest every thing I saw today. ROFL. The seminar was a huge benefit!
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    Default Re: A BIG Thank You!

    It was our pleasure to have you. Most of all we wanted folks to feel comfortable, learn something, have a good time and we knew the Kenpo would take care of itself.

    Vic LeRoux has a wealth of Kenpo knowledge that constantly amazes me. There are a lot of folks out there that think they know him, but haven't got a clue, he's a gold mine.

    Again, the pleasure was all ours to be your host. Looking forward to next year!

    Bill Parsons
    Triangle Kenpo Institute

    "I know Kenpo!" "Cool... do you know how to use it?"

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    Default Re: A BIG Thank You!


    Thanks again for hosting such an awesome event! It was great to meet everyone face to face and GM Le Roux was fantastic.

    We will be back in a heartbeat. So glad we joined the IKCA last year. The spirit of Kenpo brotherhood could be felt by everyone in attendance.

    Rob and Wade it was also nice to meet you guys looking forward to more in the future.

    Full Salute to all.

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