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    Default Head Games..

    I'd heard rumors that SGM Parker would intentially come up with the most ridiculous, ineffective technique and teach it to his black belts just to see who would accept it as fact and begin practcing it, and to see who would question the logic of it and debate it with him.

    The purpose of course, to get students to think for themselves. To teach "How" to think versus "What" to think.

    Does anyone know how true this is? If it's not, it still doesn't change the logic behind it. I've done this before with greens and higher and had a lot of fun with it. LOL. I'm please to say I've been called out every time. Anybody else tried this method of training? Thoughts?
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    Default Re: Head Games..

    I've heard something similar. That he would teach some techniques differently on the east coast than the west coast and see what happened when the 2 groups eventually met. I've also heard that in some of the techniques there are some "gotchas" that he put in to see if you just repeated it as-is, or would figure things out for yourself.
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